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Blogtober Day 18 – Zodiac Sign and Does It Fit?

Day 18 of blogtober and todays question is what is my zodiac sign and does it fit?

My zodiac sign is Aries, the first sign of the zodiac and the one thing I have to keep telling my husband is that, my birthstone is diamonds, which are my favourite stones.

On thinking about my zodiac sign it got me looking into whether it does fit me, and I found a great site, so here goes.

Aries Strength Keywords

  • Independent – this is half and half really, I am and can be independent but I also rely on others depending on the situation.
  • Generous – this is true, if I have it you can have it
  • Optimistic – I do try to be, but I have been known to be the glass is half empty at times
  • Enthusiastic – yes I can get very enthusiastic and dive straight into things
  • Courageous – I would say yes to this as well, I will fight anyone to protect my family and friends

Aries Weakness Keywords

  • Moody – yes very haha
  • Short-tempered – I have to agree to this as well
  • Self-involved – not really, I am more involved in helping/worrying about others than myself
  • Impulsive – at times I am yes, other times I am more cautious
  • Impatient – very I hate having to wait

Aries in a Nutshell

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, it is the sign of the self and people born under this sign project their personalities onto others and can be self orientated, we tend to venture into the world and leave impressions of others that we are exciting, vibrant and talkative.

Well one thing is definitely true I am very talkative.

What is your star sign and does it reflect you?






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  1. I’m an Aries too and agree with a few of those statements but not all. I’m definitely not optimistic – I worry about everything and I wouldn’t call myself self involved. I do love diamonds though.

  2. I love reading about start signs. I’m a picses and I certainly do exhibit certain traits. Apparently picseans are very compassionate, helpful and emotionally intune people which is certainly me and I do have weaknesses that they state, I trust too easily and I’m a bit of a sad soul! Haha! It’s so interesting that even without being aware of certain traits we fit our zodiac.

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