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Blogtober Day 14 – Meaning Behind My Blog Name

It is day 14 of the Blogtober challenge and today is finding out the meaning behind my blog name.

I am sure my blog name is pretty self explanatory, ‘StressedMum’. Yes I am a Mum and I get stressed.

As you know I have 3 children my stepson D who is 21, my stepson S who is 18 and lives with us, and our Daughter C who is nearly 13.

When they were little, they would argue over stupid things and could not be left alone for 2 minutes, they were all horrible, and I tell them this.

Car journeys would be a nightmare, S would sit there winding C up, and stare out of her window, C would be going mad at him looking out of her window. The problem was S would do it to wind her up, not just glance out, but how can you tell someone off for looking out of a window.  We used to just tell them both off.  Now they get in the car and they laugh and joke about it.

S and C have a very strong bond now, and the banter that goes on between them could make a great comedy show, they are both so funny, and so protective of each other.  Although they do still argue, and especially with C being unwell and suffering badly at the moment, so we do still need to step in at times.

D has always been the quiet sly one of the 3, and was a nightmare.

D will wind S up so much, and I am the one that has to listen to them moaning and complaining about the other one, they are both as bad as each other.

Being a Mum is stressful and never a day goes by without one drama or another.  The day I decided to start my own blog and thinking of a name, was a very stressful day, and it just seemed so apt.

But all 3 are fantastic kids, I am a very lucky Mum and would not have my life any different.



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    1. I am definitly not SuperMum, they all know how far they can push me, even yesterday the elder 2 got the wrong side of me and both got told x

  1. aaah. I am contemplating having another kid. an the whole idea of fighting is just keeping me off. I am easily annoyed by anyone fighting without any reason and I am not sure I can handle it haha!

    1. Please don’t let me put you off, I admit it does get tiring but the rewards outweigh all the hard times and now they are older they are so funny and very close x

  2. from reading your pasts posts, i had gathered this was how you came up with your blog name lol your last sentence is beautiful

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