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Blogtober Day 7 – What Made You Start Blogging?

Today is day 7 of the blogtober challenge, and todays topic is ‘What Made You Start Blogging?

Those that are regular readers to my blog, would have seen me speak about this before, but for those who are new to reading my blog, here is why I started blogging.

I used to read blogs and enjoy them, and was at a stage in my life where I wanted to do something new, have a new challenge.  I remember the day well, I was sitting in our studio and thought I am going to try to write a blog, so I thought of my name, StressedMum, which was very apt that day.  I originally started a free WordPress account and set myself up, I then announced proud of myself to my husband that I had started a blog.  He realised how serious I was, and eventually set me up a proper account through his hosting and off I went.

I had no idea if anyone would read my little blog, but to me it was my baby, something I could look back on and remember those memories or times.  I wanted to write personal posts, things from the heart and along the way I have shared my emotions and joys, my ups and my downs, the funny and the sad times in our lives.

My blog is now just over a year old, and I love it, I have found many more blogs covering a variety of topics that I enjoy reading, I have made some great new friends, and it is the best thing that ever happened to me.  It is my personal space, which I domain and no one can get in the way.

Are you a blogger? Why did you start blogging? or are you someone who just loves reading blogs (as I did/still do)



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  1. I originally started mine as an online weight loss diary and it has evolved from there! I love how blogging has changed from when I first started! #Blogtober16

  2. I love hearing how other bloggers started blogging. I started about four years ago after I met beauty blogger Really Ree. I thought her blog was amazing (I still do!) and loved that she was writing about what she was passionate about. Which is what I wanted to do and have been doing ever since x

  3. I really enjoyed this post. I think blogtober is really cool as i get to learn more about the bloggers. I never read a blog before I started blogging. Well done for keeping it up for a whole year!

  4. I love reading blogs too. The hard part is remembering to comment! I quite often think thats true, or thats wrong but often forget to comment. That’s my new resolution. Comment! #Blogtober16

    1. You learn so much from blogs, I love the reviews because they are honest and also find new products I had not heard about, I also love finding out what everyone has been up too or following their journeys x

  5. I really enjoyed this post, it’s so nice to see what your inspiration behind your blog was. P.S. I still love reading blogs to this day and spend hours on them, they are the reason I started mine because I just fell in love 6 years ago!

  6. I think our blogs are similar ages. I love having my little corner of the internet to call my own. I love the name of your blog – I think a lot of people can identify. I have plenty of stressed mum moments.

  7. That’s good that your husband sorted out your hosting straight away, it took me a year to work out that I was serious about it and to go self hosted although thankfully I’ve always had my own domain name x

  8. Nice backstory! We always find it fascinating to read about others experiences in Blogshere! My mummy stared because she couldn’t physically grip a pen and write in her journal after and accident- but could type!

    1. Thank you, sounds like a great reason for your mummy to start blogging, not that she could not grip a pen, but she did not let it stop her x

  9. Great to get some insight into what got you into blogging. It’s definitely lovely to take on a new challenge – I think that’s why I got hooked so fast! For me, my reason for starting was that it offered a way to stay connected while on maternity leave.

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