Goodbye September – Hello October

I can not believe another month is over, where has September gone, it has flown by for us, and now we are looking forward to a brand new month.

September has had its ups and downs, and very busy we saw the start of the new school year, and C starting back with her 1 hour lessons 3 days a week.  She seems to be coping ok, we tried increasing to an hour and a half, but she struggled, so we put it back down again.  She is loving her tutor and she is great with C.  Even when C is having a bad day she goes in, and they work to her ability that day.  It then gives me an hour off to rush around and get shopping or other things that need doing.  We have a meeting in a couple of weeks to discuss how she is doing.

As you know one of my stepsons has moved in with us, he is doing great on his new course and seems to have settled now.  It is still taking some time to get used to having him here, not in a bad way at all.  We love having S here and the banter between him and C is great and can keep me amused for ages listening to them.  I am just not used to the noise, he is either watching funny videos, messaging someone and sitting there giggling away to himself or chatting to friends on speaker, as it seems having a normal conversation where only you can hear what is being said is not what they do anymore.

This week, it was our 14th wedding anniversary, we went out for a couple of drinks last Friday with S, so nothing romantic.  My husband was going to cook a lovely dinner for us (he is a much better cook than me), but he has been unwell with whatever it was I had last week, so we still have that to look forward to.

October is going to be a busy month for me, I have signed up to #Blogtober, it is a linky where you post everyday for the month, with a different topic each day.  It is quite a challenge but I have always wanted to join in with one, so am looking forward to it.  This is what #Blogtober16 is all about.


Alongside Blogtober16, I am also going to be working on my Christmas Gift Guide, yes I am thinking about christmas already.  I have some great gift ideas for you.

Hope you have had a good month x

Thank you for visiting x

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18 thoughts on “Goodbye September – Hello October

  1. I can’t believe Sept is over already. I hope you had a good wedding anniversary celebration. Hope your hubby gets to cook the lovely dinner soon.

    1. admin

      I know it has gone far too quickly, we didn’t do much due to my hubby being ill, but we will have our nice meal soonx

  2. I can’t believe it is nearly October already, but I am so excited for it. It’s my favourite month.

    1. admin

      I know it has come around very quickly x

  3. How quickly is this year flying by – I can’t believe we are in October tomorrow – I hope you have a wonderful month. x

    1. admin

      I know it really is hard to believe how quickly this month has gone and how quickly this year is going x

  4. I am convinced I have blinked and we have jumped from August to October, I have no idea where September went x

    1. admin

      I know, it does feel a bit like that x

  5. September has been the quickest month so far this year for us! Sounds like you’ve had a busy one too, no slowing down until Christmas for us! Happy 14th Wedding Anniversary! It’s my folks 10th this year 🙂

    1. admin

      It does seem to have flown by I feel like I have blinked and missed it, we are busy until christmas now. Thank you x

  6. That’s good that your daughter has been managing a bit of school. I can’t believe where the year is going x

    1. admin

      Thank you, it really helps that her tutor is lovely and she gets on well with her. This year is going very fast x

  7. Hannah

    Can’t believe it’s October already – 2016 is going by so quickly!

    1. admin

      I know, I can not believe September has gone already x

  8. September has been such a fast month, can’t believe its October already

    1. admin

      Everyone is saying the same, lets hope October isn’t quite as fast x

  9. I’ve never heard of #Blogtober! Sounds so much! Is it too late to join?

    xoxo, Candice Nikeia

    1. admin

      It is fun am sure its not too late to join click on my link up and it will take you to the page

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