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Goodbye August – Hello September

So another month has passed and a new one just beginning.  We have had such lovely weather in August.

I have found August very hard, as friends and family have been enjoying family days out and holidays, or hearing about the kids going out to play.  I was expecting this as my friend told me the first summer holidays are always the worst. I have felt jealous and as this should have been us, out enjoying the summer holidays.

August for us has seen C have her friend here once, she loved it but you could see her struggling, the only other outings she has had is to the Dr, hospital appointments or physio, no holidays, no trips out having fun to the seaside or picnics.

We also had my youngest stepson move in, and we have been getting used to life with an 18 year old in the house, I have been spending a lot of time with him trying to sort out work, after a trip to the college where he decided he had enough of education and left me totally embarrassed, and so we stopped at the job centre on the way home, I was 17 the last time I was in a job centre, and you no longer get rows upon rows of jobs, you have to look online. He is trying hard to get himself some work, but it is hard out there at the moment.

Now they have grown up, they no longer argue and bicker or come to tell me, he said this or she said that.  They banter and keep me very entertained.  S is also very protective of his little sister which is lovely to see.

We also had a get together for one of our friends a couple of weeks ago, he has been ill and having tests and found out he had a grade 4 brain tumour.  So we had a get together before he started treatment, and we are now all keeping everything crossed the treatment works.

Last weekend, my eldest stepson was here and myself, husband and the two boys went to London for the evening, C stayed home with my parents as she was really bad.  It was so nice just to go out and have a bit of fun and not have to worry how C was coping.

September is going to be a trying month for us, following a meeting at school before they broke up, she should be having 3 1 hour sessions a week, but we are still waiting to hear about this, so am not sure what is happening.  She is desperate to go back to school normally and full time, so hopefully if she can manage these sessions we can look at increasing her hours.

So, August for us has been a pretty challenging month and why I have been a bit quieter than normal, but will be back (hopefully) to full steam from now.

How was August for you?

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  1. I can’t believe that it is September already! This September is going to be amazing for me because I am picking up my Pomsky Puppy Zero!!

    1. Thank you, she is hoping to get back to normal as well, we are hoping she manages with her sessions planned and can increase from there with out affecting her x

  2. Yeah, August was a bit of an odd month for me too, planned things didnt happen, feeling off emotionally, but the end for me saw a bit of a shining light that pulled me through to the end and hopefully, even though the weather will be getting colder gain, september and the following months will be better.
    Hope all goes well for your family and you too enjoy the rest of the year 🙂

  3. August has been a sorting everything out month for me as I’m moving out at the end of September for uni so it’s all been a bit stop and start in between work. All fingers cross for you friend here too! Hope everything looks better in September for you!

    1. I have a few battles to face this month, but have a few things to look forward to as well 🙂 hope you have a good month as well x

  4. I can’t believe how fast September has come around, it’s my wedding anniversary in two days. I hope September is a good month for you.

  5. I am sorry that August has been such a trial. I know you say September will be equally difficult but I am sending prayers and good wishes to you, your daughter and all the family. Hoping everything starts looking up for you all x

    1. Thank you, hopefully some things are being sorted and we can get back on track, had a little set back today which has not helped x

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