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Before you all start getting excited, no I am not pregnant.  But we do have an extra child living with us now, my 18 year old stepson.  It all happened very quickly but he has been here a week now.

As you can imagine things have been quite hectic with sorting him out and sorting his room etc,as well as dealing with C.

She is still no better and we have been unable to go out and enjoy the lovely weather we have been having.  I have been struggling with the summer holidays, with everyone going on holiday and having fun days out, but she is just not up to it and in a lot of pain.  We saw her consultant on Monday who has altered her medication slightly, but that wiped her out for the rest of the week.

The one thing with the kids being older now, is that they do not fight and argue all the time, they can both be in the car without a fight starting before we have even got out of our road, and they actually talk now which is lovely.  Don’t get me wrong they do still argue but it is more banter now.

Having an 18 year old in the house has been a right eye opener and I am slowly training him about being tidy etc.

My food bill has rocketed and I am just not used to having a child come and go as they want, but at over 6ft tall he is quite capable of looking after himself.

My peace has been shattered also, the one time I get to properly sit down, is to watch my soaps, and I have to listen to them over some video he is watching on facebook, or chatting to one of his friends on hands free.

We have also had the eldest here this weekend as well, and on Saturday had an evening in London with the two boys which was lovely, just us spending some quality time with the boys, C stayed at home with my parents.

Last night the boys went out clubbing, we heard them come in at 4 ish, and when I looked at my phone this morning S had left me a message telling me they were home.

But he is a great kid and I am loving him being here.

Sorry I have not been doing my updates but I have literally just not done anything exciting and am sure you would all be bored about my housework and weekly shopping.

Hope you are all enjoying the summer and lovely weather we have been having.


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  1. Sorry to hear about your daughter not being any better at the moment. Must be sad to see her like this. I must admit I did think as soon as I read the title – pregnancy lol. I could imagine the shift at the moment with the extra mouth to feed and having a young adult of 18 being around.

    1. Thank you, I keep hoping she will wake up one day saying she is feeling ok today. It has been a change and still getting used to more food in my shopping, but would not have it any different x

    1. He is a great boy and never a dull moment with him around, and it has been good for C as well, as they get on so well (now they are older) x

  2. Adjusting to change can be tricky and I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing your experience. I understand a little as we have had someone staying in the lounge and it has made life so hard. Hopefully you can set some ground rules and it sounds like he is a lovely lad. I go and watch tv in my room as everyone is too noisy at times!

    1. He has his own room, we just need to make it his room with decorating etc, the noise though while he is messing on his phone. Ground rules have been set and C is loving having her brother here x

  3. I imagine that this is how my partners mum and dad felt when we moved in with them for a year and a half to save for a house, thankfully they had an extension so we had our own makeshift living room so probably didn’t disturb them too much!

    1. I love having my kids around me, it is just learning to have loads more food in, the extra washing and ironing and the going out at night that I have to get used to x

  4. It must be a real tricky time at the moment with it all happening so fast and getting use to having an 18year old around doing his own thing when you aren’t quite ready or use to it!! Hope it gets easier!

    1. The bickering is more banter these days, C is having a rough patch and S really cheers her up and the banter between them is so funny to sit and listen to, they are certainly keeping me entertained x

  5. I’m sorry to hear that your little one isn’t getting any better and that you’re not getting much peace at the moment but hopefully once your stepson settles in more, you’ll get a bit more peace. Sounds like hes going to be a lovely change to the household and you’ll all get the chance to make some lovely memories xxx

    1. She is having a rough patch again,but she is loving having her brother here and they get on so well and are so funny together. I am loving having him here

    1. There has been big changes but wouldn’t change how things are for anything. They could not be near each other for a minute when younger without ww3 starting. Now I love their banter I have not laughed so much in ages x

  6. I’m sorry your daughter has been struggling and you guys didn’t get to do much this summer holidays. it must be hard. It’s exciting to have your stepson living with you though! xx

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