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Dreams – we all have them, every night when we go to sleep we dream, sometimes we remember them vividly and other times we just can not remember our dreams at all.

I am usually one of those people that fall asleep very easily and wake up in the morning, and mostly think I have never dreamt all night.  But lately, I have been waking in the night, due to various reasons and I have been dreaming, mostly I can remember the dream, but not vividly enough to be able to recall what it was about.

Just lately, my dreams have been very focused around my family, sometimes we are just all together just laughing and having fun and enjoying being together, other times there are things that spoil the happy times we are having.  I suppose it is all to do with whatever the day has thrown at me and what I am worrying about at the time.

Sometimes, our distutb sleep is all about not being able to get comfortable, or we have a medical condition or discomfort that stops us from sleeping, I can relate to this as lately this is happening to myself, and regular readers already know about my Daughter and her illness.  I have been looking at getting a new bed recently and came across adjustamatic, who have beds that could help those with a chronic illness or other illnesses.

Ian Wallace, is a dreams physcologist  and has studied over 200,000 dreams in his career.  I have spent probably more time than I should, reading through Ian’s website, and finding the meaning of dreams.

I have listed below just a couple that I have had

Inability to speak – I have vivid memories of dreams where I have been unable to speak, I can remember opening my mouth but nothing comming out.  This is due to unresolved tension in our waking lives where we want to make ourselves heard and just  can not.  This I can relate too, as regular readers will know my ongoing battles I have had regarding my Daughter and her illness.

Death and Dying – If you dream about death and dying we are thinking of something significant coming to a natural end in our daily lives, major changes and new opportunities.  Or it is time to move on and do something different.

Falling – If you dream about falling, it is because you feel you are failing in your day to day life and dealing with things that are out of your control.

I have found this really interesting, and reading about what different dreams mean, and it has explained why I have had these dreams.

There is a fantastic video coming soon, on children and their dreams, which I will share on here once, it has been finalised.  I can guarantee you will all love it.

Do you dream? What is your most common dream.

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  1. I always look up the meaning of dreams especially if it’s something I rarely dream about or it’s really confused me. 200,000 dreams is a lot to study, wow!

    1. I rarely think about looking up the meaning of dreams, but really enjoyed reading through what they all meant and will be looking them up from now on as found it really interesting x

  2. I used to look into meanings of dreams, but to be honest I find the majority are connected with thoughts and influences from the day. Interesting post though.

  3. I’ve always been the sort of person who remembers most of my dreams that I have, in quite a lot of detail too! A lot of them are very weird, it’s always interesting to see what someone else thinks of them!

    1. I am usually so shattered by the end of the day I do sleep quite easily, I never used to remember my dreams, I had one last night I can remember having one, but can not tell you what it was about x

  4. Last night I dreamt that I shared an IG post of noodles that got over 90 billion hits. It was an awful image and upon closer inspection was actually a video clip of washing said noodles. Bizarre!

    1. I have had dreams of being chased, but never by an animal, I did have one about a dog last night but was woken up so never finished it

  5. I dream a lot but I don’t tend to have recurring dreams so I never think to look up the meanings. Some mornings I wake up and I can recount every little detail of a dream and others I can’t remember a thing

    1. I usually remember bits, or forget straight away, but after reading up on dreams I really find it fascinating as to what they mean x

  6. My most common dream- although I’ve not had it in a while thankfully is where I’m chewing chewing gum and it’s melting in my mouth and I try and pull it out of my mouth using my fingers but it’s just never ending. It’s such an annoying dream!!

  7. I sometimes dream about my teeth crumbling or falling out which I believe means you are worrying about something! Thing is I never know what I’m worried about!

  8. I hardly ever remember my dreams, and when I do remember one when I wake up, I often find that I start to forget it a few minutes later. I’ve often wondered why that is!

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