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Illumibowl Toilet Nightlight Review and Giveaway

Have you heard about the Illumibowl Toilet Nightlight, it is such a great idea, it is the first toilet night light.

It is a small device that fits onto the side of your toilet and acts like a nightlight, so if you get up in the night, instead of turning on the light on you just lift up your toilet seat and the illumibowl will do its thing and light up.

It is such a simple idea, but so effective, you just use the suction pads to stick to the side of your toilet (it fits any toilet), and you can choose a variety of colours to suit your mood, we had to have green as it is my Daughters favourite colour.

It is great to help with potty training, just think how great your kids will think it is to have their toilet light up in their favourite colour, or you can change it and have a little game of what colour will it be tonight.

Or you get up yourself in the night, and always get blinded and woken up by turning on the bathroom light.

The Illumibowl is motion activated so will not be on permanently.

The Illumibowl can be purchased from hereΒ for the price of $19.99 which is around Β£15 and includes free shipping.

Or you can enter my giveaway to see if you can win your very own Illumibowl.



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  1. This is so cool! We’re night time toilet training at the moment and this would help so much! Excellent idea!
    Your daughter’s favourite colour is green (same as Beastie’s!)

  2. Your daughter’s favourite colour is green. My little boy would definitely want purple! What an amazing idea, have never seen this before!

  3. Pink would be fantastic, Thank you so much for the chance. This would be fantastic for our bathroom for our son

  4. Your daughters favourite colour is green! We’d love orange in our house, it’s little mans favourite colour πŸ™‚ x

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