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If you read my Getting to know the real me – the answers post (you can find it here), you will see that in one of my answers I said I had no desire to get over my phobia of spiders. So I thought I would tell you a little story about what happened to me on Saturday.

My husband was doing a photography job for charity at a car show, it was local to us and as I needed the car, I dropped him off, so I could go shopping.  When he was ready to be picked up I went to get him, all the time quite happy and singing away to the radio.

I picked him up and we chatted, and started to drive home, the traffic all around was at a standstill so I decided to go along the A3 and come off at the next junction and go the back way home.  Then I saw something move, and there was this spider, walking around my dashboard as happy as it could be, then dangling down just above my legs and going back up, he obviously liked this game as he kept doing it, I was panicing, all the while having a go at my husband for not helping me, and that I could die, whilst keeping an eye on the road.  Then it decided to stop playing stupid games, and moved along to the door and was crawling backwards and forwards by the door handle.  So there I was leaning to the passenger side while driving home.  Luckily, it had the sense to move from the handle before I had to open the door and I managed to flick it out the car.  Worst drive of my life. And no I still have not forgiven my husband.

This got me thinking to other phobias (I do have a few), and thought I would try to find some pretty weird ones.

Ablutophobia – I think most children have this phobia, as it is a fear of bathing and cleaning themselves.

Nomophobia – According to research 50% of the UK have it – it is a fear of having no mobile phone or network coverage.

Philophobia – This is quite a sad one, it is the fear of falling in love

Oikophobia – This could be a handy one, it is a fear of household appliances

Do you have any phobias or fears?

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  1. I’m not fond of spiders myself – was real bad when younger, I’ve not got too bad with them as I’ve grown up but some I still can’t deal with ugh! The big and dark ones -NOPE!

    1. I hid my fear from the kids when they were younger, but they now all know I can’t stand them especially when I am stuck and cant do anything to get away x

    1. I can panic without my phone, but sometimes I do quite enjoy not having it with me or a signal (obviously depending who I am with)

  2. I really don’t like spiders either, however my biggest and strangest phobia is this

    Ammophobia, Ammosophobia which is a fear of walking on sand. I literally go into meltdown – bizarre I know

  3. OMG I hate insect period, I will freak out if I see them everyone know my biggest phobia is the huge roaches and there is a story behind it. I just cant stand them my hubby makes fun of be and doesn’t understand how I’m not scared of a mouse but I’m scared of a huge roach. They discuss me uhhh ewww just thinking about it creeps me out. So I totally understand you!!

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