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As you will all know by now, I am a huge animal lover, I have written about my pets a few times, and also sharing about Max who is my rescue baby, and came to his forever home with us.I was recently contacted, and asked if I would like to take part in the #PlayMore Pledge, where you pledge to play with your dog for an extra 15 minutes a day.  Which is not a hardship for me with two dogs one of them always wants to have a play.

You can find out more about Pledge to Play more here.  It is a campaign set by More Than, where for every pledge made they will donate £1 to the RSPCA.  Which will help the RSPCA reach their goal of £20,000, to build a sensory garden for rescue dogs and fund a cattery refurbishment.

In order to do this, we of course had to have some new toys to play with, so I sat down with C, and between us we had great fun choosing some toys for the dogs to play with.

When they arrived Max was very interested in the box as you can see

Unfortunately after this, he was picking things out of the box and my hopes in getting pictures of all the toys, went out of the window, but they do say never work with children or animals.

As you can see Bear wasn’t left out.

out of all the toys this seems to be the one they both want for themselves
out of all the toys this seems to be the one they both want for themselves

We also received a Whistle Activity Tracker which attaches to your dogs collar and tracks the activity and who played with the dog, walks and resting.  Unfortunately, we had a little technical hitch when it needed recharging but after speaking with their customer service, it was sorted and we were told the trick on how to recharge it. Which is why there is no recent activity.  The first and last day is due to the device needing to be charged and taken off to try to recharge.

Whistle activity tracker report
Whistle activity tracker report

I did have lots of videos of us all playing with the dogs but somehow I have managed to lose them, but can assure you taking the #playmorepledge has not been a difficult task, as how can you not play with these two.

So who else is going to take the pledge?


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26 thoughts on “#PlayMore Pledge

  1. I love animals and I think this sounds like a great campaign

    1. admin

      I am a huge animal lover, and as I have a rescue dog myself, I am always happy to promote these campaigns x

  2. hannah

    Max looks cute. I’d love a dog myself x

    1. admin

      Max has many faces cute and cheeky being his favourite as he knows it gets him more cuddles x

  3. I think this is a fantastic idea. I have sent your post to my Mum who has two rescue dogs of her own. I know she will be willing to take part in this.

    Laura x x x

    1. admin

      Great more the merrier, Max is a rescue no idea why as he is such a great personality x

  4. Aw your dogs are gorgeous! Ours is the same, always ready to play 🙂

    1. admin

      Thank you, this was the only decent photo I have of them together where you can see both of them, Bear is a lot younger in this picture, but they have had great fun playing with the new toys or winding each other up x

  5. When i get a dog, I will look into this. This look like a really good idea. xx

    1. admin

      It is a great idea, only had a slight glitch which their customer services sorted straight away so even after care is great x

  6. Hannah

    Love the sound of the activity tracker – such a good idea!

    1. admin

      It is great, we have it on Bears collar and Max is more predictable and it is quite interesting seeing his activity x

  7. Sounds like a great campaign. I really want a dog when I get my own place sorted.

    1. admin

      It is a great campaign, I love my dogs and could never be without one x

  8. This sounds like a super campaign. I’ve only got cats and they fairly keep to themselves really, unless they ask for attention, but I grew up with dogs. Such a special bond.

    1. admin

      I used to have 2 cats (have 1 now who is well into her 20’s) had both from kittens the one no longer with us thought he was a dog he loved to play and have cuddles, my cat I have now has never been a cuddly cat or played

  9. What a lovely campaign! We are not dog lovers in this house but can confirm that our cat gets more than his fair share of attention from our girls!

    1. admin

      It is a great campaign, I am sure your cats are just as spoilt as our dogs and cat x

  10. What a wonderful campaign, also you have a cute dog!

    Tara xo

    Cattitude & Co. – a feminist lifestyle blog 

    1. admin

      Thank you and it is a great campaign x

  11. What a fantastic idea. I would love to have a dog again, but with my constant moving and lifestyle it’s hard to have one. Your dog is so cute though.

    1. admin

      Thank you, it is a great campaign and how could I not say yes to supporting it with my boys always ready to play x

  12. What a lovely campaign to promote we should all spend as much time playing with our pets as possible.

    1. admin

      It is a great campaign, we don’t get much choice in our house if one of the dogs want to play they get their own way 🙂

  13. That activity tracker is so cool! Like a fit bit for dogs xD What will they think of next! Looks like Max enjoyed himself 🙂

    1. admin

      I know I keep having to have a look, not that it is any surprise because he never stops 🙂

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