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An Update

An Update

I need to apologise as have not been keeping up with my weekly posts, so thought I would do an update for you all, as I know a lot of you do keep up with the weekly updates.

It has been a few weeks since I last did a weekly update, I have been having quite a stressful time, definitely living up to the name of StressedMum.

I have been having a few emotional times and fighting with various professionals, but finally things seem to be coming together and hopefully, improving.

My Daughter has been having a very rough time, as her medication was starting not to work, so she has been suffering with migraines constantly and leg pains, I had heard of a medication that a lot of other children with ME/CFS has been put on and once dosage sorted it really does help.  Finally after a lot of phone calls and trips to the GP we have been put on it to try.  Unfortunately, it takes time to start working properly so I have am sitting up until quite late while she has been settling.

As you all know, education has been quite a no go since being ill.  Today, I had a meeting in school and a plan has been put into place to start in September.  I have been very lucky with my Daughters school, that they have been understanding of her illness and no pressurised us at all.  I was wanting home tuition with the understanding she can integrate into school when she was able too.  We are starting off with 3 x 1 hour sessions a week to be reviewed with home tuition and maybe one session at school in a quiet room, with the tutor and bring her friends in for part of it.  After discussing it and thinking further, we may go for all the sessions in school, as it might make her feel a bit more ‘normal’.  But this is still to be discussed.

We have also had the boys staying various weekends, which is lovely and I love having all my children around, and my Daughter loves her brothers being here and fussing over her.

We were supposed to be going to Cornwall for a few days this weekend, but sadly have cancelled (well postponed) due to my Daughter, but we will be going later in the year.

I was also very happy last week, to post about my first years blog anniversary, that to me is a major achievement that through all this, I have maintained my blog and have built up such a lovely supportive following (although I prefer friends), as you are all amazing and your messages have always made me smile.  So once again thank you 🙂

Now for me to catch up on you, have you been up to anything nice?

Thank you for visiting x

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    1. Thank you, I have been having constant battles, and thought I would today and it was so refreshing to go into a meeting and have everyone looking out for my Daughter. I really do feel we are getting somewhere now x

  1. I’m sorry your daughter’s medication hasn’t been working! I hope the new medicine helps out quickly. It sounds like you have decent ongoing communication with the school. That should be helpful going forward.

    1. Thank you, hopefully the medications will start helping fully soon. I feel we are getting the proper support now and it really does make a difference

    1. Thank you, it is just the constant battles sometimes more than one at the same time, but slowly we are getting there x

    1. Thank you, things have been getting to me this past few weeks, but finally all falling into place (fingers crossed) x

  2. Sending you loads of virtual strength to keep being the awesome mum you are. Some times are just harder than others, but thankfully there are easier times too to balance it all out.

    1. Thank you, I have let it all get on top of me this past few weeks, but finally things seem to be starting to fall into place and fingers crossed no more brick walls for a while x

  3. Sorry to hear about how stressful things have been lately. The good thing about stressful times is that there’s always a moment of catharsis at the end of it all that brings new light to situations 🙂

  4. I’m sorry to hear about everything that has been going on. I know what it’s like living with a chronic illness – it can put a strain on the whole family, you’re doing really well to be a strong mum. I hope she feels better soon.

    1. I am sorry you know what it is like, and hope things are not too bad for you. It is hard and very stressful at times, but as you know, you just have to roll up your sleeves put a smile on your face and carry on, even though at times you just want to scream x

  5. Aww hun, I just want to give you both a big fat hug, it will have to be virtual but I am sorry for you both, you’re right it is a rough time you both seem to be having x

    1. Thank you, early days with her new medication but hopefully it will help her and getting school sorted has really calmed things down – well for me anyway 🙂 x

  6. Mix of happy and not so good happenings. Most importantly is you keep yourself healthy and keep blogging. Cheers for more years of your blog! 🙂

  7. I think it’s great that you’re able to get your daughter slowly back into school in a way that makes her comfortable, and that her school are being completely understanding!

  8. It sounds like you’ve had a very stressful & busy time indeed! I’m glad your daughter’s school is so good – having that support must help loads!

    1. It has been very stressful and busy, but we got there in the end, and hopefully things will be a lot smoother from September. Thank you x

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