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Fathers Day Gift Guide

Fathers Day Gift Guide

I know I am a little late in this post, but we still have a few more days to go until Sunday, and I have my Dad sorted (gives myself a pat on the back) he has new slippers and wine.  But still got to sort my husbands Fathers Day gift from my Daughter.  So here is my Fathers Day Gift Guide on a few ideas that will cover all price ranges.

Fathers Day Gift Guide





Howick Polo Shirt from House of Fraser £28

Howick Pyjama Bottoms from House of Fraser £18.20

Simon Carter Cufflinks from House of Fraser £24.00

Howick 5 pair of Socks from House of Fraser £12

Fathers Day My Hero Mug from House of Fraser £19.95


This is just a few ideas, and if unlike me you are organised and sorted, you can also find more ideas at House of Fraser by clicking here

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  1. I got my Dad a book about Man United and a pen shaped like a screwdriver. For my husband (from the girls) we’re going to Sci Fi by the Sea, a local sci fi convention. I hope the weather is good!

    1. I have got my Dad slippers as he needs new ones and some wine, we have nothing for my husband yet but will sort something, my eldest is going to be here he asked me what he could get his Dad, told him I am struggling for what his sister can get him, so told him to take him to the pub for a beer lol x

    1. It does get difficult, I keep coming up with ideas for my husband but want my Daughter to choose who just goes I don’t know lol x

    1. My Dad is sorted, but I have an extra week to sort his as my parents are going away early Sunday morning, I also have my Mums birthday next week and not got her anything yet either x

    1. I love the mug as well, I am going to have to go out soon or there will be none left everyone loves the mug lol x

    1. The mug seems to be very popular, I have a thing for mugs anyway, we have far too many but I can never resist x

    1. I love the mug as well, but decided against it only for the fact I have far too many already or I would have definitely have had to buy it. You can never go wrong with socks x

    1. Plenty of time, I am finally sorted :), so feeling relieved, now got my Mums birthday to sort which is next week, and one of the boys birthdays which is this weekend but not seeing him until next week.

  2. Great gift ideas! I am gutted as none of the gifts I ordered have arrived yet. I think it’s Royal Mail taking the mickey though as I ordered them all about a month and a half ago. Grr LOL

    Louise x

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