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Bear at 13 weeks

An update on The Bear

As you will know we recently got a puppy, it has been quite a while since we had a puppy in the house, and he has certainly kept us busy.

Bear turned 13 weeks old yesterday, he now resembles a German Shepherd a lot more now that both his ears are sticking up and not all floppy.

He is certainly a character, and there is never a dull moment, and poor Max sleeps very well at night to the extent if we walk through the kitchen he can not even open his eyes.

Although Bear is a family pet, he seems to have adopted me, if he is asleep and I walk through into the kitchen he has to get up and follow me and lie on my feet, if I am sitting in the lounge he has to come in and sit on my feet, when I come down in the mornings he will not leave me alone, if I hide in the studio he hunts me down and lies by my feet.

He also loves to chew my feet, hang off clothes, pull my hair and chew my hand or arm, all this he is hopefully learning is not how to behave.

He loves nothing more than rough play with Max, I have put a few videos up of them playing when he was a bit younger, poor Max lies on the floor and Bear clambers all over him and grabs hold of him, it looks quite nasty but it is how they play, dread to think what they will be like when he is fully grown.

He had not had any injections when we got him, so has not yet been out for a walk, that happens this Thursday, he hates his lead, well he likes to chew on it and play with it, but he doesn’t like not being able to go where he wants to go, so is going to be very interesting.

He is a real cheeky boy, who has won all our hearts.


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    1. I know, these pictures were taken this afternoon, he seems really little still at times and really big other times x

  1. Oh I had a German Shepherd when I was younger. He was my baby! He protected me and loved me and cuddled me, best dog ever, He died when he was about 7 years old though of stomach Cancer. Broke my heart and still miss him to the day.

    You have got yourself the best pet there ever! He will be your best friend and PS he is gorgeous 😀

    1. Thank you, my Grandparents had a father and son pair of German Shepherds one was a gentle giant the other you knew you had him. My parents had a white german shepherd he used to lie and protect my daughter when she was a baby. We have an Alaskan Malamute and got Bear for him as he was pining for our old dog. They adore each other but Bear is more my dog he always has to know where I am, unless he is getting up to mischief somewhere x

    1. He is growing, you can really see the german shepherd in him now, he is a gorgeous pup my grandparents had two german shepherds (father and son) when I was growing up. They are a gorgeous breed x

    1. He is too cute :), I find myself stopping what I am doing and play with him, mind you it isn’t hard he is my shadow if he can’t see me he hunts me down x

    1. Thank you, usually if I go out of a room or up to the studio he has to hunt me down and sit on my feet, I wouldn’t change it though as I love him to bits x

  2. Oh, he is just so perfect! My nan had a German Shepard and he reminds me of her so much! Bless the way he plays with Max, I remember when I was younger and we got our puppy she was always pouncing all over our older dog who just wanted to chill. Hope the walk went well today x

    1. He is such a tease and you often finding him lying on top of Max chewing away at him, he didn’t do too bad with his walk, although Max wasn’t too happy as it wasn’t as long as usual x

    1. My poor cat hates him, she just about tolerates Max, but Bear thinks she is a play thing and he will sit and bark at her or chase her and she sits there staring at him.

    1. Max is 5 this year and still thinks he is a puppy, although compared with Bear he is like an old man :), puppies are hard work but so much fun and worth every second x

    1. He is such a cutie, he does get away with murder, he chews my feet I hop around going ouch lol, but you can not be mad at him he certainly has me down as a huge softie x

  3. He looks so adorable! I’m more of a cat person but would love a dog around the house. The cats in our place are always drawn to my wife, who i have now nicknamed the crazy cat lady lol. You just can’t beat the affection of a good pet. Stephen

    1. Thank you he certainly is a character, my cat is very old now and she hates the puppy who wants to play with her, she just wants a quiet life now bless her x

  4. Aw he is adorable! We cannot wait to move into a house rather than an apartment so we can have a dog. My parents have 3 of their own but in total have had 5 different dogs. Bear is absolutely gorgeous!

    1. I don’t think I could live without a dog now, he is a cutie and has had a ball this weekend as we had the boys staying x

    1. Thank you, they are hard work, especially when so young as they need training, he is pretty good though and such a character x

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