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Oh The Panic

I am a driver, I passed my test when I was 17, and always had a car of my own. I love having the knowledge that I can just pick up my keys and go out if I need to, the freedom it gives me.  Especially where we live as we get one bus every half an hour or hour, depending on time and days, and that is if it has not been cancelled.

Also, with my Daughter with her illness not having a car would be a nightmare to get out as she could not make the walk to the bus stop.

The other day my husband wanted to pop out and asked if I wanted to go along, so we get in the car and head to B&Q, yes I know we go to such romantic places.  Luckily he was driving, as if the car flashes something or pings up something I go into a mad panic.  I learnt my lesson a long time ago to not carry on driving if you are unsure of something, lets just say he got very grumpy with me.

The car pinged and we got this lovely red picture of a car and arrows, luckily B&Q is not a million miles away so we park up and he says he thinks he knows what it is, we drive home he goes out fiddling with things, googles what it could be, changes fuses, and then announces we need a new part.

Me being me, asks if I can still drive it, to be given a look that says it all and a sharp NO.

So that is it, I a carless, I have not needed to go out, we have no appointments this week, and my Daughter is having another really bad week so not going to school, and if it had been working I would not have gone out.  But oh no I feel trapped, I just hate not having my car.

The part is being delivered today and my wonderful husband is going to mend it and I will have a working car again.

Am I going out today, No so why do I feel like this.

Am I alone in this or do you feel like your right arm has been cut off and you are helpless when your car is not working.



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  1. Couldn’t agree with this more. When I was 17 I passed my test, and then turned 18; I decided that a car wasn’t a priority anymore, the local night club was, so gave it up (insurance was far too much anyway) within six months I had another car. The feeling of loss was unreal! I mean I know I could get out and go places if I needed, but I wanted the freedom that came with having my own car. Needless to say; the local is now out of business haha.

    1. I just like the security really that I can just pick the keys up and go where I want too, luckily it is fixed now x

    1. It was, especially with my Daughter as she is, but luckily it was only off the road for two days and that was only because we had to wait for the part to be delivered x

    1. I couldn’t cope without my car for long, I need one now more than ever with my Daughter the way she is x

    1. I had no idea, I was more intrigued at the new picture the display was showing, as had not seen that before. Even when my husband told me what was wrong I still didn’t fully understand x

  2. I am just learning to drive now so not yet not as I am used to public transport lol
    Hope the car gets fixed quick and you’re back to having one.

  3. I never owned a car neither have a driving license. Still, I could related here! I’m very attached with my bicycle , I cycle everywhere. When I started backpacking, I always found myself upset because I’m stuck somewhere waiting for a bus or walking long distance. It made me feel bad about the days I took my bicycle for granted! Lol!

    1. I think that is the problem, we do take things for granted and when they are not there we realise just how much we relied on them. I hate having to wait for buses.

  4. I’m not familiar with the feeling as I’m only starting driving lessons in two weeks! I imagine this is like me being without my phone though, disconnected from the world but in a different sense! It’s great that your husband can mend these things himself 🙂

    1. It is sort of the same feeling of not having your phone on you, I panic over that as well. I am lucky that my husband can fix cars as it would have cost a fortune x

    1. It is silly really, because if my husband is out in the car and I know I can’t use it, I am not bothered but if it is not working I hate it x

    1. Luckily it was sorted quickly, once the part arrived it did not take my husband long, and we have a working car again 🙂

    1. I hate it when something goes wrong with the car, as soon as something goes wrong my first words are to my husband ‘can you fix it’, luckily he did and it did not take too long. It is all working again now x

    1. I hate not having a working car, usually it is not too much of a problem as I can use my parents car, but at the time theirs had been involved in an accident and was having the decision made whether to repair or write off, and they had a courtesy car which although I could have driven I had not been in to the hire place to register my details, they now have a new car so all ok again now

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