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JD Williams Wish List

My JD Williams Summer Wish List

With summer coming, well hopefully we still have more summer weather to come, I have been looking at updating my wardrobe, and have been looking at JD Williams site for inspiration.

With having a Daughter with a chronic illness and having to use a wheelchair when out, I needed items that are stylish, easy to wear and also practical.

In the winter I live in jeggings and baggy jumpers and cardigans, but in the summer I do prefer long summer dresses, as they are just so easy to wear and comfortable in the heat.


Jersey Holiday Dress GREY MARL
Jersey Holiday Dress – Grey Marl – to me this is the perfect dress for everyday wear, it is simple and can be dressed up or down. Comfortable and easy to wear. I deal for a day out shopping, travelling or can be dressed up for a simple smart but casual look


Joanna Hope Print Jersey Maxi Dress – This dress is perfect for day wear or evening wear, and an ideal holiday dress.


Layer Top Print Maxi Dress – This dress screams summer to me, ideal for days out, or evenings out and holidays.
Lotus Rhodes Casual Sandal – I love this style of sandal for the summer, to me these are so comfortable and are also stylish enough to be worn in the evening


Heavenly Soles Sandals – These are ideal for daytime wear, they are practical enough for daytime, but can be worn in the evening.
Lotus Sicily Casual Sandal – Again these are perfect summer shoes for me, ideal for summer evenings


As you can see the items I have chosen, are practical and easy to wear, but still stylish and can be worn either during the day or in the evenings, and are ideal for holidays and days out in the summer. You can find these dresses and more here

*This is a collaborated post for JD Williams, all items chosen are my own choice and items I would like to add to my wardrobe.

Thank you for visiting x

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  1. I love the Heavenly Soles Sandals you’ve featured. I’ve seen a lot of women wearing that style of shoe around and want a pair myself now 🙂

    1. I did try to order some of these but unfortunately they were out of stock, so must be popular. Hopefully will get to order them soon x

    1. I love the dresses, I do love maxi dresses and they are just so easy to wear, and these can all be worn for normal day to day or dressed up a bit for the evenings x

  2. I always go for practical and easy to wear clothes, too. I can’t stand being uncomfortable. The dresses are all beautiful but I really love the grey marl one, so pretty and perfect for summer! I also love the Lotus sicily casual sandals, those are pefect for summer and walking a long the beach

    1. I can not stand being uncomfortable, I am forever saying you have to be comfortable :), you obviously have the same view as me x

  3. LOVE the Jersey Holiday Dress. I have a love for all kinds of dresses in the spring/summer. Especially this style and for only £18 its a bargain.
    Thanks so much for sharing hun.
    P.S: Ive not heard of JD Williams before 😀
    Charlotte x

    1. It is a lovely dress, I am going to have to buy it I keep looking at it, they have a lot of lovely things on their site x

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