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My Week - 07/05/16

My Week 07-05/16

Time again to update you on my week, and what has been happening in the StressedMum household, of course it wouldn’t be my week if there was no drama.

On the whole it has been a pretty good week, Bank Holiday Monday we had a relaxing day just pottering around at home, and Tuesday my Daughter was having a very bad day, just getting up wiped her out and she could barely walk, so we had another quiet day at home.

Wednesday morning, I had to take her for a mobility assessment regarding a disabled badge which will make going out with her so much easier.  When we got there, the lovely man on the gate let us in to the entrance and let us park there, we had to walk up quite a few stairs, which took forever, and we were offered a wheelchair when we got to the top, which I said yes to and my Daughter was relieved about.  While waiting in reception, I saw a lady walk through and we both looked at each other and stared and went omg.  I worked with her up until I went on maternity leave to have my Daughter, although we talk on facebook, we have not seen each other since she was about 6 months old, she asked my Daughter if she still had her special teddy bear she had got her from New York, which she does :).  We had a quick catch up before we went in.

I was so nervous as you never know what to expect, but the lady who saw us was really lovely and supportive and although she asked my Daughter if she could walk out she stopped her after a few steps as she could see how bad she was.  I just need a letter from her physio now to support the application.

Wednesday afternoon, I was in the studio with my husband, my parents had popped out and I got a phonecall from my Mum saying they had just had an accident, they were both fine, but the radiator of their car was broken, so myself and my husband rushed out and it was a lot more damage than just the radiator, the car in fronts exhaust had come off and straight under their car, luckily he admitted full liability so insurance is being dealt with, although the rest of Wednesday, I was on the phone dealing with the insurance and car hire, and arranging pick up of their car, and taking my Dad back  to empty their car out.  But the main thing is no one was injured.

Thursday, was meetings at school for the parents to meet the teachers, I had arranged meetings with all the main subjects that my Daughter has, and put a note on asking about her catching up.  I was not sure what sort of reception we would get, as obviously she had most of last term off school and is only in for one lesson a day at the moment.  But it went really well, they spoke about how she was doing before her illness, and how she is coping in lessons and really trying to do the work, they all spoke very highly of her, and are backing us in helping her catch up and that they think she will do this without too much effort.  We were also complimented on being such supportive parents.  This has been worrying us and knowing that she will be ok has really made things a lot less stressful.

Bear, has certainly settled in he is such a character, and very cheeky, my cat hates him which I am not surprised with because as soon as he sees her, he chases her and then prances around barking at her, while she sits there hissing at him.  Poor Max doesn’t get much rest now and they are starting to play really rough, although Max does stay laying down most of the time so Bear is on his level and is usually climbing all over him.

He knows if he has been naughty, and if he has something (usually a shoe or tv controller) he can run really fast, he also makes a beeline for me when I come down in the morning and is usually hanging off my foot, slippers or ankles, and then there is skirts they are good to hang off as well.

And what has happened to the weather, do you think summer has arrived?

Hope you have all had a good week

Thank you for visiting x

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    1. I think as long as the physio writes a letter to support it, then we have it, the lady who interviewed us was lovely and really understanding. We are meant to be at physio on Tuesday, but her consultant secretary phoned me yesterday as she was meant to be having an appointment on Thursday but it has been cancelled and rebooked for Tuesday but I stupidly agreed the same time

    1. It was a busy week, it was so weird we both stared at each other as it suddenly clicked we did know each other, and last time she saw my Daughter was when she was about 6 months and sat cuddling her x

  1. It’s nice to unexpectedly catch up with old friends. I did the same last week when up visiting family, I bumped into lots of people I hung around with when I was younger. The blue badge process is so onerus – I hope you get it all sorted soon. Stephen

    1. Thank you it will make so much difference and mean my Daughter can start to go out, which will help her. It was lovely seeing my friend especially when I wasn’t expecting it x

    1. I didn’t think they would be hard on us, as she has been ill, but just think what can they tell us, but it is such a relief x

  2. Sounds like you had a very busy week. Sorry to hear you had car trouble, at least no one was hurt.

    1. It was busy and a good week, apart from the accident but was more concerned about my parents than the car x

  3. It sound like you’re a busy bees. I have been loving the weather and i agree with Fashion and Style police – we somehow skipped spring and gone straight into summer.

    1. It has been busy, and next week is looking hectic as well, stops me getting bored. I agree, it has just skipped to summer x

    1. It was a hectic week, and we did manage to have a relaxing weekend thankfully all ready for another busy week

    1. Thank you , it will make all the difference as walking any distance is really hard for her and a lot of the time, she just can not manage it x

    1. Luckily they were both fine, I went into a panic when my Mum rang me to tell me they had just had an accident x

    1. Glad you had a nice week, it was very hot yesterday I had to keep going inside as it was just too hot for me x

    1. They were both unharmed thankfully, a car can be replaced so that is minor in the scheme of things. It has been muggy here today and heavy rain this afternoon x

  4. Gosh, what a week! I hope you get the badge, it will make a huge difference. I’m glad nobody was injured in the crash and that the insurance is going to be sorted. I hope this week is treating you well so far xx

    1. It was one of those weeks, but the damage was to the car only no injuries thankfully. It will make a huge difference if we get the badge. So far so good this week, hope your week is a good one x

    1. Thank you, he is either a little cutie or the devil in disguise, we had hospital this morning and my husband was working at home, I text to tell him we would be ages as my Daughter had to have a blood test, and got a list of what he had been up to, my husband was not happy. I am feeling pretty positive about the mobility assessment as her consultant seems to be backing us.

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