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Cooking with Bear

Cooking with the Bear

On Sunday, I decided to do a new video cooking with Max and Bear, which turned out to be Cooking with the Bear for a few minutes before he went to see what Max was doing.

They do say you should never work with Children or Animals, and this was certainly the case in this instance, this has to be the worst video I have made so far.

I had it all planned, Bear could sit up on the bench and help me with Max sitting at my side, I did a very easy 2 ingredients recipe, what could go wrong. Famous last words.

It was more of a case of what could go right, we got everything set up in the studio, the dogs followed me up quite happily, Max came and sat beside me and Bear sat nicely on the bench and stuck his nose in the flour and looked very cute with his floury nose.  We got ready to film and it all went wrong.

Max walked off and was messing about, Bear stayed for a minute before leaping off to see what Max was doing and then was around my feet attacking my shoes and then the back drop, all the while I was trying to just make some dog treats with 2 ingredients.

The recipe for 2 ingredient dog treats is

  • 8oz of pureed carrot (yes I went back to my baby food making days and pureed carrots) which my daughter thought looked disgusting and did not want to try
  • 2 cups of wholemeal flour

You add the flour and puree to a bowl and combine together, roll out on a floured surface and then cut and place on a baking tray.  Cook in a pre heated oven of 180 for 20-25 minutes.

You can use mashed bananas or anything else you can think of but I opted for carrots this time.

You can see just how much of a disaster this was

They did still get their treats after and seemed to enjoy them x





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    1. Thank you, I have done a few with Max before but this was Bear’s debut which did not go at all to plan x

    1. They are so easy, which is why I went for them with Bear helping, although he was more interested in the back drop which you can tell from my face, I thought my husband was going to flip lol x

    1. I started doing it with Max as our other dog just liked the finished results, but Max didn’t want to sit there this time x

  1. I have a white german shepherd shes just turned one and i remember her being all tht fluffy , just as her two older brother and sister was too , ive not made them treats before although they do enjoy a nice leg of lamb now and then

    1. My parents used to have a white german shepherd, he was a stunning dog. He loves bones, he is often found with 2 or 3 huge old bones around him that he finds in the garden that our other dog has left around x

  2. I loved this post and Bear is just so so cute bless him. As soon as I start cooking, my little Kitty is up on the side wanting to know what I am doing x

    1. Thank you, my cat doesn’t come near when I am cooking, it is a nightmare in the kitchen now as Max likes to lie right in the middle, but Bear likes to lie on my feet which is fine while he is so little but not so good when he is fully grown

  3. Bear is absolutely adorable! haha you can never get a pet to sit still when you want them to! I always try to get a photo with my cats but even that doesn’t work!

    1. He is a cutie and goes mad when he sees me, my husband just said he is my dog but I will stop what I am doing and sit and play or give him cuddles but how can you resist him. My other dog Max is the most awkward dog going if he doesn’t want to do something he wont but he is so funny he can get away with it.

    1. Thank you, he is too cute gets away with murder, he loved sticking his nose in everything before he jumped off to see what Max was doing x

    1. He is going to be a big boy, his ears are starting to pop up every now and then now, he is such a little terror though x

  4. How adorable! I’ve never seen a video like this before but these seem so simple to make. I will make sure my dogs aren’t around when I make them though haha!

    1. Bear is only 10 weeks so everything is fun and an adventure, hopefully he will start to help with the cooking, if not it will be fun and he will still get his treats x

    1. If you notice I did have hold of him as well, it was total disaster but that is what having pets is all about x

    1. The reward goes to worst video every, he is such a little whirlwind at times and they loved the treats x

  5. I’ve never heard of anyone cooking with their dog before! How fun for you both. Great to make your own treats too 🙂

    1. It is just a bit of fun really, I have done it with my other dog, but this was Bear’s first time, I knew it would be a disaster as he is like a little whirlwind, but my thinking is he will start to get used to it and help as he gets older x

    1. I think Max has been giving Bear tips on how to not co-operate 🙂 they did enjoy the treats though x

    1. I have done a few with Max and he usually just sits and chatters away, Bear was all over but he is still a baby x

    1. Thank you he is a lot bigger now, but still as boisterous but will have to have another attempt at cooking with him x

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