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When a day does not go quite as planned

When a day does not go quite as planned

Can you remember those very rare days where you have (or think you have), a nice quiet day where you have a stupid idea, that you can plan your day and get lots done. Well today was supposed to be one of those days for me.

My husband was off out early, my Daughter is back in school from 1.30, so apart from taking her to school and picking her up, I should have had a pretty good day.

So 8am this morning, my husband went off after making me a coffee ( a very rare treat), so I thought I would do a bit of work, went to go downstairs and get my charger for my laptop, to be faced with Bear, full of it and wanting to play, so after being climbed on and chewed, I gave in got dressed and came downstairs.

My Daughter woke up having a bad day, so was with her a bit whilst doing housework, putting the washing out in lovely sunshine, and getting it back in again half an hour later during a hail storm.

Max was outside and Bear went out to play with him, they get on great, I made a coffee and thought I can get on with some things now, I have taken over UKBloggers instagram account today.  Came into the lounge sat down picked my laptop up and heard a crash and then Bear yelping.  This pup is such a whinger and can play on with his yelping for ages.  I went to see what it was all about as Max came in as well, as he does like to look after him.  No idea what happened, picked him up he was fine.  Tried to get on with some work, but having a puppy trying to climb on your lap, chew your slippers, find something he should not have and prize that out of his mouth, chew my jeans. I gave up.

My Daughter got ready for school, and so I thought I would get on with some work for the couple of hours she was there, traffic was a standstill down our road, so took me ages to get home, made a coffee and sat down, sorted a few emails, and school rang, to collect her she was too wiped out and bad with her walking, so off I go to get her and sit in traffic again all the way home.

Hopefully this evening I might be able to get something done.

Do you ever have days where you think you have everything planned, and you are going to do so much, to have it all fall apart and you get nothing done.

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  1. Most of my days are like that – nothing really ever goes according to plan but then sometimes really awesome events disrupt it, which is kinda cool. Part of the magic of life. 🙂

    1. Life would be boring if it was all planned out, but I really had a work head on and it really stresses me out if I can not do my work

    1. It usually happens to me as well, but as I was home alone I thought I could get on but I didn’t factor the puppy into my day x

    2. I do usually just go with the flow and know what I want/need to get done and just do it as and when I can, but I really thought with just me and my Daughter home, it would have been easy to do everything I wanted, at least I was kept entertained x

    1. It is a long time since we had a puppy, and it is like having a toddler that has just start walking and getting into everything but with sharper teeth and legs x

    1. Same for me, but some days should be a lot easier as Friday should have been, but did not add the puppy into my plans x

    1. Mine are as well, think I need to stop trying to plan things and just go with the flow, that was I won’t get so stressed when I get nothing done x

    1. I really hate days like this, as they really throw me out, usually I just get on and do things as I can and go with the flow and if it doesn’t get done, it doesn’t matter x

    1. I don’t usually and then I seem to get a lot more done than if I had planned my day, if I plan things I never seem to get anything done x

  2. My ‘don’t go to plan’ days are a Tuesday (so wish me luck today) we have toddler group at 2 and all rests on pop’s habing an early nap (which hardly happens) my sister told me something the other day about trying not to stress when things don’t go to plan, just try to make a new one with the new things that’s happened… well see if that works haha x

    1. That is the key to try not to stress over it, but it is hard when you have planned your day around something. Good luck x

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