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Getting Fed Up

I am really starting to feel Fed Up, I am bored and had enough, and I am sure most of you will agree with me. When are we going to start getting nicer weather.

Yesterday, I think we had every bit of weather going, when I went out to pick my Daughter up from school the sun was shining, so I just picked my phone and car keys up and went out in my leggings and jumper.  While I was waiting for school to finish in 10 minutes time, it went dark and hail stones just came from nowhere, and then it snowed, yes snowed, I was freezing.  We are nearly in May, what is going on.

I do love the winter and wearing my thick warm jumpers and leggings and love my boots, you can wrap up against the cold, enjoy warm mugs of hot chocolate, but I am bored of them now, I am bored of wearing the same clothes over and over.  I have tried on a nicer day wearing t shirts, but end up with a thick cardigan over the top as it is just too cold still.

I love the summer when I can wear my flip flops, where nice bright summer clothes, my summer wardrobe is there teasing me.  I wake up in the mornings and see the sun and let the dogs out and think, it is quite warm, and in the sun it is, but then it clouds over and gets colder again.

I know I am not on my own, I know most of you will agree, we have had enough, that it is time for the days to start getting warmer. So we can enjoy days out and picnics, and BBQ’s in the evenings.

So come on Summer, what do you say, enough of playing hide and seek and time to come out of hiding.  I know you won’t this weekend as we all know that it is a bank holiday weekend, which traditionally means the weather is not going to be nice.

Has anyone else got fed up of waiting






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    1. You are lucky, I got in the car to pick my Daughter up it was lovely and sunny, few minutes later there was a huge hail stone storm and then snow, and I had no coat and canvas shoes x

  1. I am so, so sick of this weather. I had a boost of energy a few weeks ago when it looked like Spring was finally home, but then the weather has been all over the place. It even snowed for 5 minutes yesterday!

  2. I am definitely with you in wanting Spring to warm up a bit! I am still in Winter clothes and much as I love jumpers, jeans and boots, I am ready for flip flops and being able to have breakfast in the garden. 🙂

    1. We didn’t have much snow, but was no impressed as I didn’t have a coat, I am always the same, the kids love it I am not too keen x

  3. I agree, this weather is crazy, I never know what to wear when I get up in the morning, and the heating is going on far too much for the end of April!

    1. I know it is a nightmare knowing what to wear at the moment, it was nice and sunny earlier and I put the washing out, half an hour later I was getting it back in during a hail storm

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