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I know I haven’t written any posts about what my Daughter has been up too, due to her being so ill this year, but when I did, a lot of people used to start to worry about what they have to look forward too.  Also on reading posts from you with younger children, I would say I can sympathise as I have been through this as well.

Today, on my Facebook memories, three posts came up and made me laugh and will let you see, I really have been there as well.

Just sat down for a coffee and suddenly heard Caitlin shouting me she had got herself stuck up the apple tree, she thought she would have a go at climbing the tree and didnt like it lol

I remember this happening I had just sat down in my lounge, which was in the front, and could hear this muffled shouting, so went to investigate, to find a pair of wellies up the tree.  She had decided to go climbing, but didn’t like it and had got stuck and could not get down.

is going to do an impression of that woman who throws herself down and has a tantrum in the shop if I get one more from Caitlin today

Am sure you can all remember that advert when the Mum throws herself down, I was so fed up of the tantrums over nothing that Caitlin had, that I seriously thought about having one myself, so she could see just what it was like.  I never did, but was very tempted too, which I am sure most of you have at some point felt like doing as well.

apologises to anyone who lives in a 20 mile radius of me that noise you just heard was my angelic daughter screaming because she didn’t want a yoghurt

Oh yes, she had a loud mouth on her (I blame her Dad 🙂 ).  I do actually remember this, instead of saying she did not want it today, which would have been fine, we had to have the dramatics.  I am so glad our house is detached as it saved our neighbours thinking she was being murdered most days.

This was updates all from one day, so when I read or hear your stories, of about how unfair you have been to your child because you put the lunch on a green plate instead of a blue plate, or some other major thing in a childs life, and I say I have been there.  You can see I really have been there :).

Also adding this one, as I love this photo it is the wallpaper on my phone, we were having a mess about in the studio last year, and I snapped this quickly

A quick snap
A quick snap


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  1. Aww bless her getting stuck up a tree! I really miss my children being so little, my youngest is going to be nine this year! It goes so fast! I remember many tantrum over “No no pink cup, the yellow cup” and such. I can really relate to this post! beautiful photos, too. xx

    1. My Daughter is 12, so you went through it the same sort of time as me, at least we can look back and think we got through it x

  2. My mum always tells me about all the tantrums I used to have, one day you’ll look back and the two of you will laugh about it together! haha Your daughter looks beautiful in that studio photo!

    1. We laugh about it now, all part of being a parent 🙂
      Thank you, I took that one of her off guard and it is own of my favourites x

    1. This is one of the smaller trees, we also have a huge cherry tree and plum tree, the boys used to climb it as well x

  3. You have a beautiful daughter. I hear you about the tantrums though – My 5yo is excelling at them at the moment. Its like reception class is just all she can cope with during the day and home time just blows her mind.

    1. It is hard, but they do need to release it all somewhere, unfortunately it is at home and we have to take the brunt of it. My Daughters teachers once saw her have a tantrum and they could not believe it was her as she was always such a happy little thing x

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