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S+ by Resmed

S+ by ResMed

Do you have trouble sleeping, and have tried all the remedies and old wives tales about how to get a good nights sleep, and they have not worked.

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to review the S+ by ResMed, it has been available in the US for a while now, but recently launched in the UK on 22nd March 2016.

The S+ is the worlds first non-contact sleep tracker that accurately tracks every stage of the sleep cycle. The S+ sits next to your bed and with the help of an app which you can download for free (IOS for Apple or Android). It will then start monitoring your nights sleep, it will track the temperature in your room, how light your room is, your breathing and movements.

There are also some helpful features in the app to help you get to sleep and wake easier

  • Relax to sleep – Has a range of soothing sounds that synchronise with your breathing, making sleep easier
  • Mind Clear – You can either record or type a message to clear your mind so that you are free to go to sleep, and it will remind you in the morning.
  • Smart Alarm – Allows you to set a period of time to wake up, so that it will gently wake you from a deep sleep into a light sleep, making waking up easier.  If you do not wake from your deep sleep, it will sound a normal alarm.

ResMed have spent over 10 years developing the S+, and results have shown, even the poorest sleeper gets on average an extra 45 minutes sleep per night after he first week.

You can see more on the S+ in my review video

Below are screen shots of the reports you will receive the following morning.


As I have already mentioned, the S+ is newly launched in the UK and is currently on sale for £129.95

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  1. Oh wow, this looks so helpful! I’ve been using various apps for helping with my sleep patterns for a couple of years now but I haven’t found anything that helps… yet. I love that this has so many different features and it’s non contact so it sits at your bedside. I’ll definitely be looking more into this 🙂 x

    1. We were stunned by it, that it was so acurate and yet was contactless. It is expensive I will double check as forgot to put on the post, but think it is retailing at £129.95

    1. What I liked about this, over everything else we have tried, is that it just monitors your sleep and then gives you reports on how you actually slept.

    1. We were surprised by it, as we thought it would be just another one of those fads, but it is interesting the next morning when you see how you slept against how you thought you slept x

    1. It might do, it is more a device that registers how you sleep and reports back to you with suggestions. I usually sleep better than my husband but with everything going on I have not been sleeping as well. It has helped both of us x

  2. I’ve not heard of this before but it sounds really interesting, especially the alarm feature. It would definitely be nice to be woken up gently than with a start like I am some mornings!

  3. I love the idea of this, I am such a troubled sleeper and never get a good nights sleep so would be interested to see if I’m actually sleeping as bad as I feel I am. I also like the idea of the alarm, I hate it when alarms wake you so suddenly as they leave me quite angry and groggy in the mornings.

    1. It is quite surprising to see how you did actually sleep, as it is different to how you felt you slept. It is worth it for the alarm, so much better to wake up too x

    1. My husband loved it and had to try it first, but he loves new gadgets, but he sleeps worse than me, so was happy for him to try it first and it did help him x

    1. It may be worth looking into, as this monitors your sleep and then gives a report and ways to improve. Let me know how you get on if you do decide on getting one x

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