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Amazing Day

Today has been an amazing day, for us, and thought I would share a happy post.

As you will know, my Daughter has been ill since New Year, one of the hardest things to watch, apart from her in pain and discomfort, is seeing friends post about their days out and fun things they have done, while we have not been able to do anything.

Yesterday, she had a bad day where she could not walk and was in agony, I was left holding her up in the middle of the room as she could not move, I ended up at the Dr’s with my Mum helping to get her different pain killers.

Well today, she has been such a star, I am so proud of her.

Our garden is quite big, it is 150ft (I think) and she walked to the end of the garden, very slowly and holding onto me, to sit in the hot tub for a bit, obviously Max was walking up with us.  We had a bit of a tricky time getting in and out of the hot tub, but she did it, and she walked back and collapsed on her bed.

I was in chatting to her a bit later, and she wanted to do something, so we popped to Tesco, just the two of us and I got her some treats, along with a load of plants that were reduced for the garden. I parked in a parent and child space, which we have not parked in for years, but I was ready to take anyone on who dared to say anything.  I got a trolley for her to push around, so she had some support, and we had a wonder around, very very slowly.  You could see the pain in her face and you could see how happy she was to be out and doing something.  Some people looked at her like she was an alien or something, others just smiled as they could hear me encouraging her along.

I know it was not an exciting trip out, but it was a trip out, and she looked so happy.  She is back in bed now, in a lot of pain, and totally wiped out but she is happy and I am so proud of what she has achieved today.


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    1. Thank you, think she over did it yesterday bless her, she is having a bad day today :(, but we know this will happen

    1. I know I was so proud of her as you can imagine, and then to want to do something else, but she got loads of treats it was a shopping trip where I did not say no if she asked for something. Thank you so much for your support it means so much to me x

    1. I know and your support has been very appreciated thank you :). It was amazing to see her in the hot tub and wanting to do something else later. She has had a rough day today, but we very gingerly made it up the garden but she didn’t stay today x

    1. Thank you, we did manage to get out on Monday to meet a friend, but it was very slow going with stumbles and a lot of pain, and knocked her out the next day x

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