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They love each other


This photo came up on my timehop today, it was taken 3 years ago, you have all seen my Daughter and my mad dog Max many times before, but this photo shows a whole new story.

They love each other
They love each other

As you can see they adore each other, I would not say they are inseperable, as that would be a lie, because if there is food around, or the chance of food Max will be there, he is very fickle in that way.

As you will also know, my Daughter has not been well since New Year, I had a phone call from her Consultant today, he rang to say Happy Easter, and see how she is getting on, we had a very long conversation, which has resulted in my Daughter being sent for another lot of tests, although he is 99.9% nothing will show, he just wants to rule everything out, and then he is going to make a full diagnosis, which I want and don’t want all at the same time.  He is also going to write to my Daughters school and has agreed with what I would like and tell them to put that in place for her, so a huge weight has been lifted there.

Since she has been ill, Max has been spending more and more time with her, as she is in bed a lot of the time due to tiredness and pain, he will go and lie in her bedroom with her, if she comes downstairs, he will lie next to her, if she is up to a walk in the garden, he will walk next to her.  It is so lovely to see.  He might be mad, and boisterous, but he has a very loving caring side to him. These two are my world.

Also, it was a very nervous day for me, it was MOT day on our car, I am always a nervous wreck when our car is being MOT’d, you always think the worst.  I rely on my husband with the car, and he said it should be fine we just need to get new wiper blades, so we pre ordered them at Halfords to collect on the way.  What a nightmare, they gave us the wrong ones, so my husband sends me back in the shop to tell them, he was adamant they were correct even though I pointed out that our car was not listed on them.  He came out with me to fix them, and yes, they were the wrong ones, so off he goes and gets another set, they didn’t fit either.  Queue my husband going into one, and having a moan about their website as they state they sell these.  He did say that he was not having a go at him, just the company.  So back in I go to get a refund put back on my card and was given a gift voucher as an apology (nice bonus as never asked for anything).  This starts me going off into a huge panic over the car.  I went into the MOT place and he sent someone out to have a look and said they would fail.  Car had MOT and they tried to get the wipers in, while we went to KrispyKreme for a coffee. Thankfully it was totally clean on everything else apart from the wipers.  Eventually left car there and my Dad picked us up and took us home and now not getting car until tomorrow.

On a happy note to end with, we had a nice bit of relaxation in the hot tub to soothe away our day.


How has your day been?


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    1. I always stress when the car is in for an MOT, we knew the wipers would fail but they sorted it for us as was easier. I love this photo they are both smiling in it lol x

    1. Max is the same he can here a rustle a mile away, and you don’t even have to say anything about going for a walk and he knows x

    1. I am always a nervous wreck while the car is being MOT’d, we knew the wipers needed doing anyway and would have been changed if we had been able to get what we had bought

    1. They are, he always knows who needs a cuddle or a bit of Max to cheer them up, thank you it is one of my favourites x

    1. Thank you, sadly it is going to be an ongoing illness but hopefully with the right support she will get better x

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