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Good Friday - Is It Good?

Good Friday – Is it Good?

So today is the start of a 4 day weekend, it is Good Friday.

I woke up this morning after sleeping all night, which is something I have not done in a while, opened the curtains and the sun is shining, was a bit shocked, I mean it is Bank Holiday, surely it should be raining and grey and miserable. But then checked the weather forecast and saw it is only for today, so back to normal weather for the rest of the weekend.

I got up fed the animals and enjoyed a nice relaxing coffee in bed, all lovely and relaxing. Until I realised what time it was, my Daughter has a friend over today, so had to wake her up so we could go and pick her up, then it all went downhill.

Went to get food out for my dog (he has a raw food diet) and his freezer was not working, thought the big freezer was off as well, so called my husband to have a look, turns out the big freezer was ok and fuse had gone in the little freezer.

The hoover broke, call my husband and he sorted it out for me, while I went to pick my Daughters friend up, she came with me and managed to walk to the car unaided determined to do it, so that put a huge smile on my face.

Came back the girls went off to do what their stuff, and I carried on hoovering, it was doing something else, so yes called my husband to sort it out again.

He then goes off and tells me not to break anything else.

So, do I enjoy a nice relaxing day, NO I hoovered and then steamed all the carpets and furniture, washed all the throws and custions, and have cleaned the kitchen.

I know they say Spring Cleaning, but this is becomming a habit I am not keen on.

We have nothing planned for the rest of the weekend, having her friend round is going to knock my Daughter back and she will be recovering for a day or two, but to see her happy and determined is lovely, I  popped my head around their door just now, and you can see in her face she is shattered, but still smiling.  I have to keep the door closed or Max will be sitting in the middle with them.

Are you enjoying your Good Friday?

Have you any plans for the weekend?

For now I am going to enjoy a coffee and a hot cross bun and put my feet up for a bit.

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    1. She is really struggling, but her friend is keeping her going, it is lovely to hear her having fun. I intend to have a relaxing weekend now.

  1. Your dog has it’s own freezer? Goodness! You really are organised! Sorry to hear of all the problems you had, hopefully you’ll have a better easter weekend though!

    1. yes he does lol, it was an old one we had and as I buy his food monthly I store it in the freezer. Hope you have a good Easter Weekend x

    1. I hate it as well, but there must be something in the air that wants you to do a huge clean. Thank you she is doing well with her walking so that makes me happier

    1. He is spoilt, but it saves room in our freezer and it was one we had sitting in the garage not being used. We had a lovely Easter, hope you do as well x

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