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Something I NEVER thought I would say

Something I NEVER Thought I Would Say

Today I have done something I NEVER would have thought I would say. It is just not in my nature and I know you are all now dying to know what I have done.

This afternoon, I spent the afternoon gutting, cleaning, hoovering, steaming my Daughters bedroom, ok I know, I have done that many times before but the shock is that I enjoyed it.

Ok I did not enjoy the clearing all the rubbish (well what I call rubbish) and giving it a thorough clean, that really is not in my nature, but I had entertainment while I was doing it.

I even moved her room around a bit ,as well, and she has so much more space in there now.

So why did I enjoy it? As you all know my Daughter is not well and she is having a bad day today and is really down with the pain. So in I go all geared up with cloths and sprays, hoover and steamer and we chatted, and joked and when she went quiet I would get her chatting again.

I found an impossible puzzle ball, that her Nanny brought her for christmas and we sat there taking turns in trying to do it, it is so frustrating you have a plastic ball with a maze inside and you have to get the ball from one side to the other. I also found her bop it game and we played that also taking it in turns.

I am going to sit with her more often and play these as they will help with her concentration, she was having fun and laughing, which is something that has been missing lately. Although you could see her getting drained. So she we would have a break and I would do a bit more.

Yes it took me a lot longer to clean her room, but it was worth it.

We also sorted her tv out so she can now see it better, which I am now regretting but she is happy and that is all that matters.

Tomorrow I might do my mountain of ironing, as I do that upstairs and can talk to her or keep having a break and we can have another challenge on the puzzle or bop it.

Don’t worry though, you will never hear me mention these words again 🙂

Thank you for visiting x

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  1. I’ve just tackled my daughters room, but she was at school. She’s a typical teen so she doesn’t always like me going in to hang out, but the other day we spent two hours just chatting, no tv on, no music, no phones and it was perfection. Precious moments like these are to be treasured, even if ironing is involved!

    1. My Daught is ill so not able to go to school at the moment, we did have fun and it was lovely, unfortunately I have been sorting the garden and painting fences today, but did go in and sit with her for a bit, before helping her to get in the bath

    1. She isn’t making a mess at the moment so it was just a case of putting things away and just giving it a thorough clean instead of the quick clean it usually gets

    1. To be fair it wasn’t that messy, she hasn’t been well enough to make a mess, but It needed a thorough clean rather than the usual quick hoover etc.

    1. There is so much going on at the moment, but we found something out today that we haven’t been told yet when she had physio.

    1. I only enjoyed it as spent some quality time, while doing it with my Daughter, I doubt you will ever hear me say it again x

    1. I like the finished result, I usually do a huge clear out and have everthing out then stand there and think what have I started, but it is worth it in the end

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