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Amazing Magazine Review and Giveaway

Amazing Magazine Review and Giveaway

I was recently given the opportunity to review Amazing Magazinewhich is a fun and educational magazine for children aged 7+, which is also based on the primary school national curriculum, and covers  a variety of subjects including Maths, English, Science, History and much much more.

Amazing Magazinepromote this in a fun way by having a different topic each month such as zombies and aliens, so children will get a fun magazine reading something that is interesting to them, but learning at the same time. There is also a chance to do some cooking as you get a recipe in each edition which is also to do with that months theme.

I received 2 editions to review Ancient Romans and Human Body, the recipe in the Human Body is Bogie Bites, which I am sure any child would love to make and have even more fun eating them.

Amazing Magazine Bogie Bites
Amazing Magazine Bogie Bites

They have also recently taken on the ex Editor of Horrible Histories magazine and writers from Simpsons and Beano comics.

The magazine is a monthly 36 page publication, the quality is very good and I was very impressed with the quality of the paper.  An annual subscription costs £49 for 12 issues, or you can choose a digital subscription which is available on iTunes, GoolePlay and Kindle Store for £23.99.  Amazing Magazine are also offering my readers a 10% discount on their subscription, just enter WOW10 at the checkout to qualify.

In my opinion, this magazine is fun for children and with a different topic each month, they will have fun learning a variety of topics, which will in turn help them with their school work.

You can also watch my review on my YouTube Channel

I have also been given 10 copies to give away, so 10 of my lucky readers will win a copy each.

Amazing Magazine Giveaway


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    1. I was very impressed with these, although my Daughter is older than Primary level, she has lost a lot of schooling this year so will be good for her to pick up and put down to keep her brain working a bit x

    1. It is great for kids, as it has everything they want, plus they don’t realise they are learning at the same time x

  1. Jackie. Also liked Beano, Dandy etc. Amazing magazine seems a great magazine for kids, as makes learning exciting.

    1. I think although it is aimed at 7+ years, it could appeal to younger children, as it is bright and colourful and you they can still learn through you.

    1. They are really good, and not just something that you subscribe to and then put down and never look at, they are really fun and interesting

    1. I remember Twinkle, if I am right, I had it from the first edition and you collect things to build a princess castle

    1. Mine would have loved these as well, especially the recipes the more disgusting the better. I am hoping they will work for my Daughter to help with her concentration, she is ill at the moment and her concentration has gone

  2. i liked dandy 😀 then when i was older any mags that had a middle page pull out of whatever hunk was popular at the time . i had Kavana up on the wall for years haha

    1. It is different to the other mags out there, and I would prefer to pay for this than the others that they all make a bee line for in the shops

  3. I didn’t really read any until my mum’s friend gave me her old copies of Bunty. I really liked Mallory Towers.

  4. Not really a comic, but Jackie was the bees and eese for us young upstarts in the 60’s. I was 11 when I started to use my pocket money to buy it. Oh the Christmas Annuals was one of the best presents to open each year.

      1. Yes I remember that one too. but on the limited pocket money then, a girl had to choose and stay loyal.

  5. I remember my brother buying me the first edition of Magic – would have been around 1978/79. I regularly used to read Jackie magazine and also Smash Hits.

  6. I loved beano and dandy – my dad wanted a boy lol!!!! I then moved onto bliss, sugar and just seventeen 😀😀 this sounds great – perfect for my inquisitive son!!

  7. I can’t remember was it was called but it was something to do with being messy and pigs? (I actually left this comment to go search the wonders of google and it was called ‘Oink!’)

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