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Shopping with children

Shopping with children

We have all done it, gone shopping with children, it is something we all dread, you just know that it will not be an easy shopping trip, and our shopping bill is going to grow as they see something they just have to have and promise they will love, when you know that they will probably have one mouthful and say they don’t like it.

So what happens when we go shopping with our children, we get to the supermarket get our trolley and if you have younger children you pop them in the trolley seat, as at least that way you know where they are.  But sometimes, and I am sure we have all done it, we pop them in the actual trolley.

They can stack the food neatly in the trolley, while you shop and place items into your trolley, trying to remember they are actually in the trolley and you don’t bounce that tin of soup onto their head.

I read something today, that has caused a storm, a customer of a Supermarket wrote and complained about seeing a child in a trolley, and how disgusted they were about the trolley being contaminated and filthy.

I read all the comments posted after, the original post, and everyone thought the same.

The general comments were:-

  • You obviously do not have any children – I disagree with this as I know some people who do have children would not dream of putting their child in a trolley.
  • The food is in packaging which you do not eat – This is very true, and products are picked up by many people, how do you know their hands are clean.
  • You touch the handle of the shopping trolley – Again very true, you have no idea who has handled the trolley before you, or what they have been handling before hand, or whether they wash their hands when they go to the toilet.

These are just a few of the comments raised.

I can honestly say, and this was before I became a parent, I never batted an eyelid if I saw a child in a trolley.

Likewise, when I go and do my weekly shop, I never think about what has been in the trolley before I place my food in their, and as already said it is in packaging or bags.  And I wash my hands when handling food, like most of us do.

I am also known to complain about things, I have worked in customer service and we had to be very hot on the customer is always right (which yes we know that they are not always right), and because of this I do expect good customer service, but I would never think to complain about something like this.

It has kept me very entertained tonight, when I should have been doing other things like working.

And yes I do know that children should not be in that part of the trolley, and I am not endorsing it in anyway.

What are your thoughts on this, do you think this is a valid complaint?


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  1. Well, I have put my daughter in the trolley and it’s never done her any harm! I think people should mind their business and do what they choose with their own kids rather than worry about others parenting. 🙂 Angela from Daysinbed

    1. I think all parents have, and from the comments I don’t think anyone agreed with her. It certainly caused a storm though.

  2. I always put my daughter in the trolley, my sisters still put their toddlers in the trolley I don’t see the issue? Now when they start biting/sucking the actual trolley that’s a different story! It seems trolleys are ideal for teething babies in our family eww!

    1. I only do mine online once in a while, I usually take myself shopping on my own as it is cheaper than taking my Daughter or husband.

  3. Good grief, people will complain about anything these days. The trolleys are hardly kept in sterile conditions at the best of times. If people could see the conditions of the store rooms, Toddler’s in trolleys would be the last thing on their minds.

  4. Good lord – it seems someone somewhere is just sat poised ready to jump on a parent for one thing or another! Great to read your post – thank goodness I miss stuff like this on social media! Kaz x

    1. I know what you mean, it is like no matter what you do there is always someone waiting to moan about it. I only saw this as someone posted about it in a group I am in x

  5. Ive sat in a trolley like that as a kid. Was great fun! we didn’t care about dirt when we were kids and so kids defo don’t now. Its alot of parents who worry about dirt.

    1. Trolleys are never sterile and clean anyway, so putting a child in a trolley causes no more problems in my opinion anyway x

  6. I remember quite enjoying going in the trolley as a kid. To be honest, I dont have an opinion as to whether people do it or not, each to their own but I suspect that when I have kids, I’ll be trying to do as much of my shopping as I can online- supermarkets with kids looks stressful! xxx

    1. I know you are not supposed to put children in that part, but all kids love it, my Daughter very rarely comes these days and if she does I know it will cost me

  7. I think that folk will complain about just about anything, and this is the proof! Goodness gracious me. I never put my children in the trolley bit though as I didn’t feel they were safe there.

    1. I agree people will complain about anything these days, I complain but only if I have reason too. All 3 of mine have been in that part at one stage of another

  8. This is just so petty, how can you complain and say the child is making the trolley dirty. The supermarket near me have all their trolleys outside with trees close by and leaves and twigs being blown into them all the time. Maybe I should complain about this LOL

    1. Maybe you should, I think they were just complaining for the sake of complaining there are far worse things go into a trolley than a child

  9. This drives me mad! Do people not have anything better to be doing with their lives than complain about what other people do with their children?! L doesn’t want to sit in the trolley seat any more but sometimes gets tired, I do put him in the actual trolley from time to time because I want to get my shopping done and get home! People need to mind their own!

    1. I totally agree, and they obviously have no children, but I do not know any parent who hasn’t done this at some stage x

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