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Goodbye February – Hello March

What can I say about February, it has been one of the hardest months of my life.

As many of you know my Daughter has been ill, we have lived at the Dr or the hospital with numerous appointments for my Daughter, I have made a new friend with my Consultants PA now, he only needs to hear my voice and he knows who I am.

My poor Daughter, has had so many tests, and appointments but she has been a star throughout them all, her last test was on Saturday, where she had an MRI, I have never had one before so it was an experience for both of us, her Dad has had a couple so he told her what it would be like, but she wanted me to go in with her. She had to lie totally still and keep her eyes closed the whole time, I sat and watched her and she did really well, but the noise the machine made.

Yesterday, I was on the phone trying to get hold of the consultant as I did not like the medication she was on, and I managed to get my Daughter into school for the afternoon.

He rang me back about 5ish, I am to carry on with the medication, he had her MRI results already and they were clear, and the blood tests showed she has Glandular Fever, but not ruling out something else. To say the weight and fear lifted from my shoulders is an understatement.

I now just have to work with the meds and try to get her up and into school, she is still fast asleep now as you just can not wake her on them.

Also, we have had a very busy month, with the studio, getting it back into a working studio, I have been helping carry all sorts of things up to it, B&Q was my daily place to go shopping (which is boring shopping to me), one of the boys came over to help for a few days, which was lovely having him here. But the hardwork was worth it, the studio looks amazing now and work has started again.

I am so glad February has gone, it has been an awful month, but it finished on such a high, and I just know March is going to be better.

How has your February been? Are you glad to say Goodbye to February or has it been a good month for you?

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    1. Thank you, she honestly took the MRI in her stride, stayed still and kept her eyes shut even with the variety of noises x

    1. Her Dad told her what it would be like as he has had a couple, but she wanted me with her. So was an experience for both of us. I sat and watched her the whole time and she was a star x

    1. Thank you, it has been a real rollercoaster of emotions, but hopefully we are getting somewhere with support now x

  1. Such wonderful news about your daughter. You must all be so happy. Hope things gets better for you all. Fully understand stresses of having a sick child.

    1. We do feel happier now we finally know what we are potentially dealing with. It has been so stressful though thank you x

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