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I saw this on Facebook this morning, and it got me thinking about all the chores/jobs we all do everyday and whether I agree.

I did write a post ages ago about what is your worst job so have spoken about this before.

According to this chart 2% find their worst jobs are
Cleaning the bathtub – This is annoying as you clean it and next time you see it there is spilt shower gel or shampoo etc, but it is quick to clean
Cooking – I don’t mind cooking, I just get fed up of thinking what to cook
Dog hair cleanup – You have all seen my dog, I hoover turn around and it needs doing again. My dog has two coats which doesn’t help, I have learnt not to stress over it now, but it is a major job in my house
Dusting – I would rank this higher I can not stand dusting it bores me, athough I do like the finished results.
Getting kids to school – usually this is quite easy, especially as my Daughter is now in secondary school, and my school run is just walking her across our busy road to get the bus, I can track where the bus is and how long until it reaches our stop, so we do not have to wait too long for it. But as you all know she has been ill since New Year and it has been a nightmare.
Making Money – I think unless you love your job, this is pretty accurate
Recycling – I do find this frustrating, not the recycling as we all do it automatically, but the fact they keep changing what you can and can not recycle. This has just been proven in my area with new bins and recycling rules.
Washing the car – I will not wash my car, I reuse. My husband used to run a detailing business and even now, every time I attempt to wash the car, I am doing it wrong, or haven’t done this. So I refuse.

4% find their worst jobs are
Grocery Shopping – This has to be higher up on my list, I get so fed up with grocery shopping. I have been known to say first thing I am going shopping, and then find things to do, so I can put it off for a bit. I get fed up of trying to find things for dinner that everyone will eat, the other shoppers just stopping in front of you, or standing with their trolley blocking you, when they can see you want to reach for something. Can you tell I am doing my shopping today.

6% find their worst jobs are
Picking Up or Cleaning The House – Again I think this would be higher on my list. I have no idea why everyone thinks if they do not put dirty clothes in the wash basket they will find their own way there. I can clean and tidy the house and it looks lovely and would stay that way, as soon as someone comes in it looks like a bomb has gone off, and I sit there thinking why do I bother.

8% find their worst jobs are
Bathroom – This doesn’t bother me, and I like the satisfaction I get when I have cleaned it and it looks and smells clean. I do get annoyed with the mess others leave behind though

12% find their worst jobs are
Dishes or Dishwasher – We have a dishwasher, I am quite happy to chuck all the dirty dishes in. I hate having to unload it and put it all away. Although I have found that if I start while waiting for the kettle to boil, it doesn’t take long.

12% find their worst jobs are
Planning Dinner – This has to be my worst job, I get bored with trying to please everyone, or when it comes to cooking dinner I just do not fancy it. I do love trying new recipes though and am quite happy cooking if trying something new.

37% find their worst jobs are
Laundry – I am fine with sorting the washing and putting it in the machine, I love hanging it out on the washing line to dry and the fresh smell when you bring it in to fold. I can not stand ironing and put that off if I can, although I do sometimes try to do it daily so it does not build up, but that never lasts long and is usually done when I start getting moaned at for no one having any clothes to wear. I don’t mind sorting it into different piles either, I hate having to hang things up as my wardbrobe needs a good sort out as it is a fight getting things in and out.

So what do you think to this list, do you agree with the chart?


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    1. Recycling drives me mad, they have just changed the rules here yet again, what was ok a couple of weeks ago is wrong now. Laundry is fine until you get to the ironing and putting away x

  1. The bathroom I hate, its the most hygienic place in the house but I feel I spend too much time cleaning in there for someone to take a shower and it be all smeary again 🙁

    1. I know, I always clean it either after I have showered in the evening as then that is it until the next day, or in the morning as know it will be clean all day x

    1. I hate housework, but some things are not as bad as others, and I do get satisfaction when it is all nice and clean and tidy, for 5 minutes x

  2. The bathroom is without a doubt my most hated chore. I always said that I would work my back side off to be able to get someone in to do it for me. I hate it that much! xxx

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