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Mumtreats Review

Mumstreats Subscription Box Review

As those that follow me know, I have had a stressful time this year, so when mumstreats contacted me and asked if I would like to review one of their Mumtreats Subscription boxes, I was happy to say yes, as this is one Mum who needs a treat.

When the box arrived, I was very excited to open it up and see what was inside, and I was not disappointed

As you can see it is packaged lovely, and full of lovely treats any Mum would be happy to receive.

Inside the February box was

Skin Perfecting Oil by Johnsons

The Skin Perfecting Oil has been clinically proven to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.  The formula  combines Botanic Oils and vitamin E to help nourish and improve the skins elasticity.

You apply the oil twice daily, you spray the oil directly onto the skin and massage in a circular motion.  You can also use it all over the body  for softer skin.

I have only just started using this oil, as I am not a fan of oils but this does absorb into the skin and not leave it feeling all greasy which is something I really do not like.  You should see results in 4 weeks, as said, I have not been using it long, but am impressed with it so far.

Time Reset Corrective Defense Lotion By Redken
Time Reset Corrective Defense Lotion By Redken

The Corrective Defense Lotion, is a protective softening lotion for porous, age-weakened hair.

If like me your idea of looking after your hair is to wash and conition your hair, towel dry and then run a brush through it.  This product is for you.  It is so simple to use, you just massage into your scalp and hair and leave in and style as normal.  My hair does feel and look much nicer and softer since using this.

Super Stay 24 Hour Recharge Balm By Maybelline
Super Stay 24 Hour Recharge Balm By Maybelline

I can not say if this lasts for 24 hours, but I did use this when I was out the other day and was very impressed with the results.

The Super Stay 24 hour Recharge Balm is a super-conditioning balm that will provide long lasting moisture over the top of your favourite lipstick.

It was easy to apply and did seem to keep my lips moist and my lipstick stay on and it does not leave a sticky feel to your lips.

Hand and Nail Cream By Kamill

Everyone who knows me, knows I love my creams and never far from some form of cream.

I have not tried the Kamill Hand and Nail Cream before, so was interested to see if it matched up to my usual hand cream.

I have been using this daily and love it, it does not leave a greasy feel like some creams leave and absorbs into the skin quickly.

The cream is safe for sensitive skins also.

Am very impressed with this and it is close by.

12077214_10156595151790188_809830310_n (1)
Pinkees Pro Nail File By New Work

I am very lucky to have good strong nails, which is a surprise as I do not really look after them apart from hand and nail cream.  I never use a nail file as they bring me out in goosebumps and I cringe all over.

Having said that, my Mum loves them and always has one to hand, so I gave this to my Mum and she loves it, although it was given on strict instructions not to use near me.

She was very impressed with the nail file and said she needed a new one.

The mumtreats subscription box  costs £12.50 + £2.50 postage per month, which to me is great value.

I often read about the huge variety of subscription boxes on offer and have always wondered if I would be truly happy with what I would receive in my box.  I would happily recommend this box to you.

Have you tried the mumtreats box?

You can also see my review on my youtube channel


*I was sent this box to review free of charge.  The review is my own opinion.

Thank you for visiting x

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    1. This is a great box I love creams etc, I am lucky to have strong nails and everyone is shocked that they are real and I never manicure or look after them but I do love painted nails

    1. I keep looking at them as well, we do a meal subscription box but never done one of these, I love creams and lotions etc so this was ideal for me x

  1. Aw glad you got something to help you feel better you definitely deserve it. I like the sound of the hair product my hair is really dry and brittle at the moment so do you think it would help?

    1. It may do, my hair is dry but it is thick and strong, but it has helped me. I am going to try it on my Daughter when I get her head sorted, as her hair is a nightmare and hope it will help with the amount of tangles she gets

  2. I’ve not heard of the mums treat box before but it sounds great! I love the sound of all the products but especially the hand and nail cream. I do love my creams 🙂 This would be perfect for mothers day. Thanks for sharing. xx

    1. I love my creams as well, I was wary about the oil but that is my personal thing I do not like anything that is greasy or oily on my skin, but this did not leave my skin feeling that way. It is a great idea for mothers day x

  3. I love the look of the recharge balm; lipstick often dries out and feels like it’s lacking in moisture, so I bet this would be great for getting around that.

    1. I never usually go for this type of product, I read reviews about them and think they sound good but would I really use it. After trying this I really would use it, especially on a night out x

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