Duerr’s Jam

Before christmas I was asked if I would like to review Duerr’s Jam and do some baking with using it, I was happy to oblige as I love baking.

Unfortunately, my oven decided to blow up, so a week before christmas we were left with no oven, so all my baking ideas went and the panic set in to get a new one before christmas day, and luckily 2 days before christmas day I had a nice shiny new oven.

So instead of my creations, I turned to the blogging community with a plea for help and was very lucky to be offered help with others creations, you can find my original post here.

I was contacted in the New Year and offered another opportunity to see if I can make something nice, so I agreed and asked for Duerr’s Raspberry Jam and Duerr’s Marmalade.  I wanted to try something different and something I had not made before.  I was going to make a marmalade bread and butter pudding and had a few ideas for the jam.

So I turned to Pinterest, now everyone that knows me will tell you I know what Pinterest is, I even have an account but I do not fully understand it, I am now in love with it, and found what I wanted to make.


Firstly, the marmalade, I decided to go for a savoury recipe and found a lovely sounding recipe or slow cooker orange chicken , which I found on Pinterest.  I love my slow cooker and will use it for any opportunity I can.

So armed with the ingredients, I set about preparing the dish, you can find the recipe here , it was very easy to prepare and very soon I had my dinner cooking away in my slow cooker.

Slow Cooker Orange Chicken

I served with rice and then presented my husband with it and waited for his opinion, I was not going to tell him that I had put marmalade in it, but he was in the kitchen when I was making up the marinade.  It was really nice and something I would make again, I do have some left over that I am going to freeze down for another day.  The only thing I would say is give it a stir every now and then as some bits went a bit darker than others.


I decided to make something different that I had not made before, so again turned to Pinterest and found Raspberry Crumb Bars.  These are just like a mini portion of crumble and very moreish.  They were very easy to make and perfect for that time when you fancy something sweet but have nothing in.

12583612_10156500899085188_836197355_nRaspberry Crumb Bars


I have now found why everyone loves Pinterest, and will be using it a lot more often now when trying to find recipes.


I hope I have given you some ideas to get baking or cook up a delicious new meal, it is amazing the possibilities that you can make with a pot of Duerr’s.

What would you make?

*to clarify these recipes are not my own and were found on Pinterest, you can find the full recipes on the links.

Thank you for visiting x

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48 thoughts on “Duerr’s Jam

  1. Oh no that’s awful that you had no oven before Christmas! I really need to get a slow cooker as this orange chicken looks lovely x

    1. admin

      I know the week before christmas it went bang, couldn’t believe the timing, luckily our new one came just before. I love my slow cooker am using it more and more now

  2. Aha yes, I bookmarked the slow cooker orang chicken as it sounded very tasty. I have yet to make it though. One of my favourite things to make with raspberry jam is Bakewell tart. Yum!

    1. admin

      It was lovely but keep giving it a stir as some of the pieces got quite dark where it was all caramalising on the bottom, but did not ruin the dish and will be making again x

  3. We try to keep jam as just for a treat as once that jar is open it can go within seconds in our house.

    1. admin

      Luckily jam doesn’t go that quickly here and I do like to have a jar or two in x

  4. I’m not sure what looks better, the chicken or the crumble! I think I’d happily have both lol. Glad to hear you have a new oven. Why do things like that always seem to go wrong near Christmas?!

    1. admin

      The chicken was lovely, and we had enough left over to freeze down and heat up another day. The crumble bars were gorgeous and even my daughter who is unwell and not really eating has eaten a whole piece and loved it, so told her I can make them anytime she likes as so quick and easy. I wasn’t very happy about the oven breaking but did have a nice shiny new oven in time for christmas x

  5. The orange chicken looks amazing! I have to try that, I never would have thought about using marmalade! x

    1. admin

      It was nice, I hadn’t either and came across it while looking for recipes I could use marmalade in and thought what a great idea to use it in a savoury dish as opposed to something sweet

  6. The orange chicken looks delicious and sounds interesting! x

    1. admin

      It was lovely and something different will be making it again

  7. Leanne

    Do you know what. I’ve never eaten jam! Even if it’s in a cake I eat around it! Random I know!

    1. admin

      That is strange, but some people don’t like it, my husband only likes it on toast normally

  8. Oh I would have cried without my oven before Christmas! I’m so pleased you love Pinterest now – Its so addictive.

    1. admin

      I did cry, I always do baking christmas eve and was stressing about that as well, but luckily our new one was installed the day before, now I have found pinterest I am can see me getting hooked into it

  9. Even as a veggie/vegan, I have to say that the orange chicken looks amazing (I still love the taste of meat regardless!)
    I would never have thought to have used jam or marmalade, great idea!

    1. admin

      It was nice, I hadn’t either and came across it on pinterest while trying to come up with something different and really fancied giving it a go, and was so easy to make x

  10. What a novel idea being able to use marmalade in savory food. It must taste so delicious!

    1. admin

      I know I had not thought about using it in something savoury, I just thought it would be something sweet, am so glad I found this recipe though

  11. oh wow what a fantastic idea and something I will certainly try myself

    1. admin

      Thank you hope you enjoy them x

  12. Oh the treats you made look fantastic and I can always do with more slow cooker recipes. Thanks 🙂 Angela from Dayinbed

    1. admin

      I love my slow cooker, but really don’t use it enough, maybe that could be a new thing at least one day a week cook a new slow cooker meal x

  13. That must have been difficult with no oven at such a busy time of year! Your treats that you have made look fab x

    1. admin

      It was but it could have been the following week

  14. Glad you’ve got your oven sorted, what an awkward time for it to go!
    Your treats look tasty though

    1. admin

      It was a bad time, but could have been worse and gone the following week then we would have had no oven for christmas

  15. Both of these recipes sound lovely, and I really fancy trying the Orange Chicken! Glad to hear you got sorted out in the end, My Oven went the Christmas 2014 and was a nightmare!


    1. admin

      It is a nightmare when you are suddenly left without an oven, luckily the slow cooker came out a lot more x

  16. Loving the sight of the orange chicken. Looks yummy.

    1. admin

      It was lovely 🙂

  17. I have never thought of marmalade in anything but sweet foods. I am so trying this chicken! My hubby works late twice a week so we’ e been looking into slow cooker recipes as his can stay warming in the pot.

    1. admin

      I hadn’t thought of using marmalade in a savoury dish either, but had to try it when I saw it and it was lovely. I love my slow cooker and don’t use it half as much as I should do. I am thinking of doing a new slow cooker recipe a week x

  18. Jay

    Those raspberry crumb bars look amazing! Defiantly going to have to get the ingredients to make them!
    Jay x

    1. admin

      They are lovely, and so easy to make they took no time at all and taste gorgeous x

  19. I love the look of the raspberry bars and as I am trying to use up jars of marmalade (so we can use the jars for wedding flowers!), I’d be interested in the chicken dish – never thought of using jam in a savoury dish.

    1. admin

      The raspberry bars are lovely and went down very well here. I had never thought of using marmalade in a savoury dish and when I saw the recipe I just had to try it x

  20. I just got slow cooker and the orange chicken is right now bookmarked! great post!

    1. admin

      You will love your slow cooker, I do not use mine enough and think I am going to try to do a new recipe a week in mine x

  21. Those raspberry crumb bars look gorgeous – the sort of thing I’d love to have with a coffee in the afternoon

    1. admin

      They are lovely, and very moreish, ideal to have with your afternoon coffee x

  22. It took me a while to love PInterest too, but I’m hooked as well. It’s a huge time suck though. I can easily spend hours there!

    1. admin

      I have had Pinterest for a while and used it a little bit, but never really understood the big thing with it, I do now and love it x

  23. I love the sound of Raspberry Crumb bars, perfect for an afternoon slump x

    1. admin

      They are lovely, and so quick and easy to make 🙂

  24. I LOVE jam with toast – I would have never have thought to try it with chicken! Genius.
    I am totally going to try this this week.
    Thanks so much for sharing hun, Hayden will love this
    Charlotte x

    1. admin

      We loved it and very easy to make hope you enjoy it x

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