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My Week – 17/01/16

I have been a bit quiet this week, but unfortunately can not say it was because I was busy doing fun things.

My Daughter is really ill at the moment, in my last post I said about her being ill again and had a day off school, Monday morning she wasn’t well again but I sent her in to see how she got on, as thought she really can’t still be that ill and maybe it is a Monday morning thing, but put a note in her planner to ask them to call me if she was unwell so I could take her to the Dr. At just after 1pm I get a call to say she is not well, so I say I will call when the Dr’s are open again at 2pm, and shall I come and pick her up, to get told I will have to get authority and will call you back. Eventually got a call to pick her up, and while waiting got a snotty receptionist (who I thought was the attendance officer) telling me off about attendance and you need to get her to the Dr for proof, I took it all and politely (very proud of myself) told her she had called me and that I would be ringing the Dr as soon as they opened at 2pm.  I got her an appointment for later in the afternoon.

She had suspected Glandular Fever, give her 2 days bed rest and take her to have a blood test on the Wednesday if no better.  As I had to go past her school on the way home, we popped in so I could let them know and show them the form for the test, to actually meet the attendance officer, who was lovely, I have ended up speaking to her everyday since.

Wednesday she was no better so early afternoon we headed to the local hospital for blood tests, she had not had one before but was so good, I asked when they thought the results would be at my Dr’s and they said Friday afternoon or Monday.  That evening at about 7ish I missed a call, picked up the message and it was the Dr to discuss her results.  Yes they had closed then so I could not speak to them, although I tried ringing back, so you can imagine the panic I was in thinking all sorts.  I eventually spoke to someone in the morning and had to book a telephone appointment which was for 3.15 that afternoon, so at 2pm when the phone rang and it was the Dr panic set in again.  She has come back negative for Glandular Fever but they are not ruling it out as her white blood cells are low, and if no better to take her back next week.

I did have her in school on Friday, we went in about 10.30 and she managed a few hours, or working in the head of years office and in her tutor group.  They are being fantastic and working with what she can do.

I am taking her back tomorrow as she is having problems with her breathing and I am worried sick about her.  I was heartbroken the other night and last night when she cried her eyes out saying she wants to be better.

I have been ill but I think it is due to stress of everything that has happened this past few weeks.

On a better note, the heartbreaking news I had last week, we thought we had lost our business that we had worked so hard on, but it is being resolved so there has been some positive news this week.

We had one of the boys here Friday for the night, as it was my husbands birthday yesterday, we were going to take the kids out for something to eat yesterday and tried to tempt our Daughter with her favourite meal at Five Guys  which is her favourite, she turned her nose up as she has no appetite, so we have promised her as soon as she is better we will take her.  So we just went into town and did some shopping and had something to eat, while my Daughter was with my parents and then we came home, so not a very nice birthday celebration for my husband.

We finally had our first bit of snow during the night, we were not due anymore but has started again now, I don’t think it is going to last though.

So how has your week been, hopefully yours has been nicer than mine and no sicknesses anywhere.

Thank you for visiting x

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    1. Thank you I hate her being ill, she is never ill, but her attendance officer said even if they were never ill in Primary school, year 7 they seem to be always ill. It is worrying me.

  1. How stressful for all of you! It’s so terrible when you can’t make things better for your kids! A friend of mine’s teenage son just went through a month of being ill and it finally just went as quickly as it came. Fingers crossed!

    1. I just don’t know what to do for her, I am glad your friends son is ok now, it is horrible especially not knowing what is wrong with her x

  2. Sounds like a very stressful week. I hope your daughter is feeling better soon. How awful is that receptionist at the school! I’d complain if I were you. It’s not your daughter’s fault she’s ill! Gosh! :/

    1. Thank you, finally got her an appointment today, after me getting quite emotional when they told me they were fully booked, hopefully we can get a bit further into getting her better

  3. So sorry to hear that you have had a rough week, I hope that your daughter gets a diagnosis and that you feel better soon. Glad your business didn’t go under and that you still remain positive. Sending hugs xx

    1. I have never had it, she is totally wiped out by it though, went to the Dr today and that was enough for her, she is back in bed now 🙁

  4. Oh no I feel for you there’s nothing worse then when your babies are poorly as you worry and wish you could take the pain away yet you cant I hope they get to the bottom of it and she starts to feel better soon

    1. Thank you, I know I always wish I could have whatever it is and take it away from her. Think it is going to be a long ride to recovery but hopefully not too long x

  5. I really hope that your daughter is starting to feel better and that they have been able to get to the bottom of it all. Such scary times for everyone.

    1. Thank you, hopefully she will start to get better soon, she is just so wiped out but is managing a few hours in school which although is hard to get her up and get her there (emotionally for me as she is so wiped out), I am happier about as she needs to try to keep up as well x

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