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I know for all of you out there with younger children, enjoying the baby stage where they stay in one place and coo and smile at you, or the toddler stage where they are turning into little people, or the school days where it is all an adventure.  You read my posts and are filled with dread at the upcoming pre-teen years, when your little angel turns into a tween.

I promise it is not all bad, in fact a lot of the time it is great.

I posted yesterday and pointed out a few little battles we have, fairly regularly, and I was ready for another battle yesterday evening.  So thought I would share what happened in our house yesterday.

We decided to put a desk in her room, she had no idea and while she was at school we brought in the desk from the studio.  We got it upstairs and put in position and I then piled a mountain of clothes etc onto her bed, ready for a huge meltdown and how mean I am conversation when she got in from school.

She walked in, was in an ok mood, she spoke instead of shrugged her shoulders or muttered some grunt you have to try to decipher, and went upstairs.  We sat and waited and heard nothing, but she appeared a few minutes later (for food and a drink), and had a smile on her face saying she did not know she was getting a desk.  I told her I wanted her room tidied and homework finished, expecting all sorts but she just said ok.

She went back upstairs and put everything away and it is tidier, there are still areas I had to bite my tongue over though.  She set her laptop up on her desk and she did her homework, and she actually sat there for hours doing her homework properly and really enjoying it, chatting to her friends and even helping them.

We also had our little daily chat, which I love, she is so funny and enthusiastic at times and I just love our one on one time we have, even if it is a quick 5-10 minutes.

So life with a tween is fun, and not all bad, yes she drives me mad at times but I would not change her one bit.


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    1. Oh I know, I really wouldn’t want to be that age again. She is a good girl really and I would rather she let of steam at home x

  1. My eldest turns 11 in March and starts high school this September. I just can’t believe how time flies. Not looking forward to his teens as he has started with an attitude already

    1. You are in the same position as I was last year. The attitude does get worse once in secondary school as they suddenly feel so grown up, I just politely remind her at times who she is talking too

  2. Bless her – don’t forget she will be having massive hormonal peaks and troughs which helps explain the moods – when other times she will be so sweet. My girls are 16 and 19 so I know! Plus a teen boy of 13 oh and a tot of 3!! Kaz x

    1. Oh I know, this is why I do let her get away with a lot and when she has calmed down we talk. I do not envy your household x

  3. I don’t have any children but when I choose to have, I dread the teen years. I was a nightmare so can only imagine what they would be. It’s nice to hear that she appreciated that desk 🙂 Loved mine, a place to do my homework, read and doodle.

    1. I always dreaded the teen years, when she was a newborn I remember sitting with her on my lap dreading her growing up. Now she is growing up it is just as lovely and as much rewarding. She loves her desk she draws a lot so will be much easier for her now too, without taking up my dining table

  4. That’s the thing, it was not so long ago that I was teen and I understand how it feels to be one. Restrictions and people telling you what to do can be frustrating, we are fiercely independent but at the same time still need someone to support us financially.

    1. It was a long time ago that I was that young, but I do remember it. She is good just has her blips and home is where she can just let rip in the knowledge that she can and wont be judged

    1. I know it is just her age, which is why I give her slack and just let her get it out of her system, best way to deal with her is leave her for a bit and she is then fine, but I do stop if she gets a bit too lippy. I wouldn’t be that age again

    1. I was according to my Mum, but I honestly remember being the perfect child :). I have also realised that she is very moody if hungry and not fed

  5. This made me smile quite a lot! You really surprised her and it seemed to go down so well. I remember being that age, and now in my early twenties am mortified at how I used to behave sometimes, you just can’t help it! This was so sweet though, and that special one on one time is so precious.

    1. She is a good girl most of the time, and I know it is just her age and do let her off because of that, although I do have to remind her that I am her Mum at times. She was really happy with it, unfortunately though she hasn’t been well so not used it since as just been in bed, but know she will use it more when better x

    1. This is true, although at the moment I would love her to be like that she is unwell been over a week now off and on, she is hardly eating or talking and so quiet and I don’t like it x

    1. Boys are totally different to girls (I have two older stepsons), it is a horrible time for them, I get through it by saying home is her safe place where she can let rip, although it drives me mad at the same time. She loved her desk x

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