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My Daughter and her brother just hours before illness hit

New Years Day

When you are young and childless, and  not a 40 something year old Mum celebrating New Year meant partying, having fun with friends and family and you could sleep the next day and recover without having to worry about anything else.

So, as a 40 something year old Mum, why oh why did I think it would be a good idea to do this again.

Yesterday evening, myself, husband and Daughter packed our car up with bedding, clothes and drinks etc, put on our party clothes, and headed to friends, picking up one of my stepsons on the way. So we could party the night away and see the new year in together.  Only a small gathering, we would have a take away and a few drinks, play some music and have a little dance and sing along, and then be in bed asleep at a sensible time.

What actually happened was, we got to our friends and decided to pop to the pub for a new years eve drink, before heading back and having a takeaway etc.  I decided I would not drink down the pub and would ferry everyone, meaning the cars would be at the house, and more importantly my husband wouldn’t be able to manage the walk due to his knee.  We met another couple down there who had their daughter with them, and they were invited back to join our party.

We did stay for a couple with me sipping my coke, and then once back at the house, takeaway was ordered and the wine flowed.  The kids played games and us adults were having fun singing and dancing. New year suddenly sprung up on us and we raised a glass of champagne. Had a bit more of a party and then the other couple left. While we carried on drinking, dancing and singing.

Yes us adults, carried on while the kids were flagging and fell asleep.  So at 4.30 am (yes 4.30) we decided to call it a night. How we managed that I will never know, but we could probably have carried on.

Today I am shattered and my feet are still aching and looking on facebook there are some very embarrassing photos and videos of me singing and dancing.  But we are home and I can now just put my feet up, drink coffee and watch rubbish tv 🙂

Two good things though I did not have a hangover which I thought I would and I got a very rare photo (not best quality) of my daughter and stepson sitting together 🙂

I hope you all had a lovely new year and feel ok today, I will hopefully feel back to normal in a few days.  It takes a lot longer to recover from a late night as you get older.

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    1. I have no idea how much I drank but my glass was not empty, very rare for me. We had a great time, we sang any and everything, our friends daughter kept putting requests on, as far as I know the only video on facebook is I love to love a very old one x

  1. I had a fab new years eve and new years day, thanks! I stayed in and had just one small glass of wine – before I had Jack, I would have been painting the town red lol! Glad you seemed to have a good one x

    1. Glad you had a good new year, now the kids are older it is easier and was lovely having a little party with friends, was shattered yesterday though ended up going to bed early.

  2. We stayed in too, we watched Bad Education the movie, wet ourselves laughing, had a few bottles of beer and watched the fireworks on the TV #rocknroll

    1. We watched Bad Education the movie the other day was very funny. I am really not cut out for staying up partying until 4.30 in the morning I was shattered.

    1. I don’t normally drink much, but somehow the wine kept flowing, and it takes me a lot longer these days to recover from late nights

  3. You did better than me haha! Me and my bestie bailed around 3.30am, further than our usual time but wow! We just had a chilled one listening to music, having a few snacks and chatting. Glad you had a good time! Happy new year xx

    1. I do feel quite proud we all managed to go that long, although my Daughter was asleep before us, but I am not used to it anymore. Glad you had a good one x

  4. Sounds like a really lovely evening spent with friends and family and a little trip to the pub! We stayed in and had a quite one and watched Jools Holland 🙂

    Laura x

    1. It was a lovely evening, and everyone had a great time, just can not do the 4.30 in the mornings anymore. Glad you had a good one x

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