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Worst Christmas Job

I have done the what is your worst job, but what is your worst Christmas job.

There is the present buying – now to some this is exciting looking online for ideas, browsing through all the christmas books the shops have, having shopping trips and browsing around the shops listening to christmas music.

To others it is a total nightmare, they do not know what to get to start with, look online and think I am not sure or will it be all it seems when it turns up, the books just get in the way, and the shops are crowded and not fun places to be.

To me present buying is both of the above mixed into one, and I find it harder and harder as the years go on to know what to buy.

The wrapping – Some people love this they set themselves up with everything around them and every present is beautifully wrapped with ribbons, bows and tags.

Others you are lucky it has wrapping paper on at all.

To me I start off with the paper, scissors etc all around me and start off, I wrap carefully, by the end I start losing the will and it shows, plus I seem to have to wrap for everyone in the house as well.

The food – The lists which is the same every year (well it is for us), and double and triple checking everything is on the list so that we don’t forget anything and buy enough food for one day that would usually feed us for a week, but has to be done, and then the trying to work out the best time to go and buy the fresh stuff.

The baking – This is one thing I do love doing, this year I am making sausage rolls, cookie dough ice cream and shortbread biscuits.  I no longer make mince pies as only my parents eat them and they buy them.  But although this is a chore it is one I love to do.

The cleaning – We all clean our homes but at christmas it has to be extra clean, no idea why as it gets even messier on christmas day than any other time of the year.

The Cooking Christmas Dinner – my husband takes over the kitchen on christmas day and cooks the dinner, with me helping prepare everything, the preparing is a chore all the peeling, chopping etc but fresh always tastes so much nicer even though I have tried to ask for frozen roast potatoes, parsnips etc he will not have it. The nice thing is while we are in the kitchen our Daughter is with both sets of Grandparents and it is open planned so we are all together, chatting.

The Washing Up – We all know that when a man cooks they use every single pot, pan, bowl, utensil in the kitchen, plus all the extra food you have made so there is a lot of cleaning up to do.  Luckily this is my Dads domain and he insists on doing it, so one of my least favourite jobs I can sit back and relax.

So what is your worst job at Christmas?  I would love to hear yours or if you can think of any others I might have forgotten?


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    1. I do start off with good intentions, but I then get to the stage where I just don’t care what it looks like, they should be thankful it is wrapped 🙂

    1. I am the same, the only thing I do manage at the right time is my baking christmas eve morning, although may do some the day before that is it

  1. Washing the dishes! I usually get lumped 500 dishes and noone else wants to put me out of my misery so I have to do it. O don’t mind if there isn’t much to do but on Christmas an hour of my life is taken by just washing dishes.

    1. There is always tons to do at christmas, I usually do some while we are cooking and then my parents do the main clearing while we relax

  2. I don’t have much to worry about on Christmas. I love wrapping up gifts (though I’m terrible at it) and getting gifts for others is a joy! Guess what I’m not so keen on is getting all the Christmas stuff put away.

    1. I really wish I could get away with doing that it would make life so much easier, I would also love a cleaner but with my dog as soon as they had finished it would need hoovering again, he is moulting big time at the moment x

  3. Christmas definitely requires a lot of organization skills especially if you have a big family. in terms of gifts, i definitely prefer to shop online or in advance


    1. Good luck, let me know if you manage to keep to your deadline. That is such a great idea I think I might invest in one of those too x

    1. I hate the cleaning but I do have a sense of happiness once it has been done and all looks lovely and clean. I find the present wrapping a chore and usually still have bits to wrap on christmas eve

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