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Black Friday

So today is Black Friday, the day that companies slash their prices in a bid to get you to buy that must have item.

Are you one of those people that wait all week for Black Friday, where you eagerly go looking for that must have item, that is on your childs christmas list, or that much needed present for your partner.  You know that today is the day you will be able to buy it cheaper than you could have last Friday, or you sit looking at amazon or wherever with no idea what you want to buy, but look for that bargain to come up where you think, that is a great bargain I need to buy this, when in reality you have no idea what you are going to do with it, or who you are going to give it too.

Or,  is Black Friday  just another day and you can not be bothered with all the hype, with the fighting in the shops, or the dashing around, if you want it you will buy it when you want to buy it, and not just on a certain day of the year.

We all watched open mouthed of the horrors last year, in Asda where people were fighting with each other over television, and get injured in the process.

Have we turned into a nation of greedy shoppers where they want it because it is cheap whether they have a need for the item or not, or we just like a good bargain.

Now, I do love a good bargain, and love going around the sales getting items at a much reduced price, and if there is something I want then I am happy to wait and buy on a day like today, but I will not be forced into the hype and buying for the sake of buying it, just because the world of marketing have decided that today is the day.

Saying all that, I will be looking at the deals today, because there is one thing I am after, and if I can get a good deal on it then I will buy it.

Is there any deals you are looking for today?

Do you just buy for the sake of a good deal?

Or are you just not bothered by the hype?


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    1. I know I have never understood it either, and from what I remember from last year I would avoid the shops as well, I have no plans to go shopping at all today x

  1. I’m not really into it. I have no problem buying things at the full price if I’m allowed to make the choice myself and fully commit to an item. I feel like if I went shopping on black friday I’d come home with loads of things I didn’t really want in the first place!

    1. I can be swayed by a bargain, but I also shop with the thoughts in my head do I really need it, I will not buy something if I don’t need it.

  2. I popped to a couple of shops on my way home from work today and bought things I would have done anyway, I benefited from the sales but I really didn’t go bananas over it. xx

    1. It is fine if you can get what you want, but some people just buy for the sake of buying because it is cheap. I got a bargain today but sent my mum and dad to get it as they were going to the shop anyway

    1. I just can not believe how stupid it gets, although I have heard that this year a lot of people stayed away, online is much easier

  3. I have never been bothered about Black Friday but like you I always check for online deals and yesterday I managed to grab myself some nice bits in the sale. I brought a faux fur nude shaggy coat, burgundy knee highs and some tops and dresses.

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