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My Week 14/11/15

This week has been a bit of a rollercoaster with emotions flying high (mainly my daughters) and we have had a few battles to contend with.

All in all it has been a pretty good week but oh my  has she given me a few moments.

Monday we had the start of what I think could be a mini series of Mum v Daughter moments, the first was about dinner, if you missed it you can see what happened here.

All week she has been excited as she is having a few friends over today for a sleepover for her birthday, and all week I have been going on at her about the state of her bedroom, I swear it was a health hazard, I especially wanted it done before today as we were meant to be out this morning. Thursday she said she was going to do it, I think she moved 2 cup out.

My husband said for me not to do it and to teach her a lesson and I got the lecture ‘if you keep doing it she will never learn and will keep thinking you will do it’.  Which is true because every time I do clear her bedroom I say this is it I am not doing it again.  But I needed to be able to hoover and steam the carpets properly. So I did sort her room, but this time I did some bits, but I piled her bed with everything I wanted putting away, took her iPad and chargers out as well.

Fast forward to her coming home from school, with her tuna pasta she had made in her cookery lesson which was leaking all over the bags it was in, so while I was sorting that out she was chatting all excited about her sleepover, seeing what I had brought for it. I then said about her bedroom

Me – I have done some of your bedroom but you need to sort out the rest as it is piled on your bed

C – Ok will do it later

Me – That’s fine, I have taken your iPad and both chargers out of your room until it has been done

C – What – you can’t do that (the shock in her voice and the look on her face was so funny and I had to stop myself from laughing)

Me – Why can’t I

C – You just can’t

Me – Well I have

She stomped upstairs and was stomping and banging around in her bedroom. She came back a while later asking if she could have her iPad, so I went to check if she had sorted her bedroom, and apart from a couple of bits, she had.

After all this, we settled down in the evening to watch Children in Need, unfortunately, we did not watch all of it, as the devastating news about Paris came on, and me and my husband sat up for hours watching the devastating news, it is truly heartbreaking.

My parents went away to Morocco on Thursday, which I am not happy about, as they are on high security alert, I am petrified that something is going to happen there now, will be so glad on Thursday when they get home.

So I am now enjoying the peace this morning, before the noise and laughter later on, I think it is going to be a long noisy night.

Hope you have all had a good week, and have a lovely weekend x

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  1. Having a pre-teen or teenager is an incredibly testing time. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t had a battle over messy bedrooms, I wish they could understand that we’re just preparing them for adulthood.

  2. The bedroom situation sounds like the exact same thing I am doing right now! I nag for it to be done, she doesn’t do it! Eventually I do it swearing I will never do it again, but I do. I find bin bags handy to help the process along. For rubbish and for a less gentle persuasion along the lines of well if you don’t put it away I will!

    1. I have just been reading your post on tweens, it is a nightmare age you have my full sympathy. At least we can share the stress together knowing what we are both going through

  3. One thing I’ve learnt after 3 teens (and a toddler!) is literally ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ it’ll drive you mad otherwise, and leaves little leverage for the big battles! Kaz x

  4. As a teen I could never understand why my mum wanted my room cleaned on a certain day by a certain time, usually when we had to go out somewhere, it really drove me insane x

  5. I remember those types of conversations with my parents as well – although in those days there was no iPad to confiscate 🙂 I suspect you will have a few more yet, but by standing firm you’ll show your daughter what’s right and where the line is, though I can now imagine that’s quite a tough thing to do 🙂

    1. I had the same conversations, so know it comes with the territory, but it is so frustrating. Her bedroom looks like a bomb has hit it now but she still has her friends here from a sleepover and hopefully be sorted fairly quickly. It is going to be one of those many battles we have

  6. With two teenage and one tween girl, I can completely sympathise with you. I currently have all their phones in the drawer for a few days because of various infractions! I’m sure your parents will be just fine but it is understandable that you are worried xxx

    1. I can imagine your household, one is bad enough you have my full sympathy. I am sure they will be fine but am so worried I just want them home now after what has been going on this weekend

  7. Aww bless ya. It’s so hard when they get to this age. Stacey can be her usual, bubbly self one day and then the next she will be a whole other person who I can barely stand to be in the same room as. Thank god these teenage years don’t last forever eh?!

    Louise x

  8. Hahaha, I love this. My mum has two daughters, and I see her go through this. God’s grace lool. Lovely read. Going to read more.

  9. I know this argument well. My son has now joined my daughter in the ‘living like slobs’ phase. I have to actually pop fuses to get them to do their rooms

    1. I think the ipad situation has sunk in her bedroom has stayed tidy so far 🙂 and am sure they are fine will be happier when they are home though

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