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Happy Friday

Well you would think so, being the end of the week and no alarms or getting up early for 2 days.

Oh no Little Miss Stroppy is in town again this morning.  I am not a morning person, I am the first one to admit that, but I am civil and I do answer if people talk to me.

This morning, Little Miss Stroppy aka my Daughter, was in a right mood, no idea why, she has lessons she likes today, it is Friday and tomorrow she has her friends for a sleepover to celebrate her birthday which was last week.  I have not even gone on about her bedroom.

I can not even take a picture and show you, it is that bad, she has cups up there, rubbish seems to miss the bin and stuff all over the place.  I have been telling her she needs to tidy it, and apparently last night she did.  So my day today, apart from everything else I have to do, is going to be gutting her bedroom.  Why are children so messy.

Yesterday, I gutted our lounge, as it had become a dumping ground, mainly because we have been so busy in the studio that is where we have been spending most of our time, and not using our lounge, and I admit there was a couple of my handbags and a couple of pairs of my boots in there.  the rest of the huge mountain was my daughters which yes I dumped in her bedroom for her to go through, so I have to sort that as well.

When she walked in from school yesterday, she came in the lounge, which was nice and tidy and just dumped her bag in the middle of the floor and her shoes in another part.  I just sat there open mouthed, she did move it when I kindly pointed out that we now have floor space and that is how it is going to stay.

I do know these moods and the mess is due to her age, I hate this age, you just never know what mood she is going to be in one second to the next, it really is like Kevin the Teenager early.

Forget the terrible 2’s that is nothing, the terrible pre-teens is far worse and from what I have been told it gets worse.

I hope you are all having a much happier Friday with your little angels.

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    1. I am not looking forward to it either, my friends daughter has just turned 13 so have always looked at her to see what I am in for x

    1. I don’t mind a bit of mess, but this was starting to become a health hazard, I have gone in and cleared the floor, rubbish and cups and glasses, put some stuff away and piled the rest on her bed. Hoovered and steamed the carpet. She now has no ipad or chargers until the rest is cleared

    1. I have my revenge, she can not get into her bed unless he tidies her things away, and I have taken her iPad and all chargers 🙂

  1. I remember being a teenager it’s such an angry time. I remember sitting in the back of my Mums car absolutely livid because the car was bumping along the road. It made me so mad I wanted to scream. In hindsight I now realise it was the tarmac and my hormones… there’s no accounting for the things that make teenagers angry but thankfully it passes! lol x

    1. I know it passes thankfully, just going to be a very long and bumpy road, I do try to make allowances and know it is going to get harder

    1. There are some good times as well so it isn’t all bad, we do have a lot of fun and a lot of laughs. I am going to have to do a post on today though, as one part was so funny but I couldn’t laugh

    1. I know it was a very very long time ago I was her age, but I do remember what it was like, and I know it isn’t all her fault so do try to be a bit more patient

  2. As a teacher of teenagers I can tell you it does get worse – especially in the mornings – but it also gets better, you’ll grow closer, have more mum daughter times to cherish and share. x

    1. Thank you Claire you have made my evening, well on the bit where it does get worse. We are very close which I love I just want to carry on being close.

    1. Oh no don’t say that, being a parent is tough at times but this is only a small percentage the great times totally outweigh these moments x

  3. Oh no I feel your pain, I am right there with my daughter, sometimes I don’t know if I want to throttle her or hug her! I know it’s not her fault but I can’t wait for this to pass (please tell me it’s soon?)

    1. It went really well thank you for asking. I set the times at arrive at 3pm and leave 12 today, one of her friends came earlier and ended up staying until 3pm today. They were all so good, lots of chatter and laughter, they started to quiten down about 1am and just sat quietly chatting until falling asleep, so did not have to go in and tell them to be quiet. I did some baking yesterday afternoon for them as well including a birthday cake. They can definitely all come again x

    1. It is not all bad that I write about her, and it is all truth. Maybe showing her might make her realise it is just their age and they all go through it

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