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Mum 1- Daughter 0

Some of you may have seen my post on my Facebook page yesterday with Mum v’s Daughter. So thought I had better explain.

As we did not have a roast dinner on Sunday, I cooked one yesterday, it was roast chicken which she loves anyway.  I cook dinner and serve it up, very pleased with myself as my roast potatoes were amazing.  Called her down for her dinner and this is how the conversation went.

Me – Are you coming down dinner is ready, and how many potatoes do you want?

C- Why? What are we having?

Me – Roast Chicken – please note I said Chicken and not squirrel or something equally horrible.

C- I don’t want roast dinner.

Me – Well there is nothing else, you like roast chicken. Come down now please

C- I don’t feel like a roast

I go and dish up and call her again, and then once more and then told her it was on the side and to come down quickly before it gets too cold.

So me and my husband had ours and it was very nice, C hadn’t appeared.

This is where the battle started.

Me- Can you come and eat your dinner now, there is nothing else

C- Fine I won’t have anything then

Me – Ok it is on the side if you change your mind, if not you can have it for dinner tomorrow

C – I don’t want it tomorrow either

An hour or so later she appears

Me – Are you hungry?

C – Yes

Me – Ok  I will go and warm up your dinner

C – I don’t feel like roast, I feel sick

Me – Do you want some toast then and have your dinner tomorrow

C – No

Me – You probably feel sick because you are hungry

She goes stomping upstairs again, then comes back down ok I will have my dinner.

I was feeling so mean, because on one hand there was nothing wrong with her dinner, it is a dinner she likes but on the other hand I did not want her to go to bed hungry.

I am so glad she gave in and had her dinner in the end.

She was quite happy after that, until this morning when she couldn’t find something (again) which was all my fault and then she got the right strop and would not talk to me.

I am really dreading the teenage years


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    1. I am not that patient, I knew she would eat it in the end, but was more worried she was going to call my bluff. If we have something I know she does not like then I do always do something else for her, so it wasn’t that she didn’t like it

    1. I would never have got away with it, it was a case of there is your dinner it is that or nothing, although I would have something different if it was something I didn’t like.

    1. I am pretty laid back with dinners, if it is something she doesn’t like she has something different, and sometimes she just wants something picky for dinner rather than a proper meal, and that is fine, this was just her being awkward

  1. You sounds like you really caring about her! My mum would be like, then go to bed hungry. She wouldnt try to convince me haha, she loves to bits but she wouldnt waste her time. She was always saying ts my choice if I make bad decision I will be paying for it- in this case going hungry /sickish to bed 😉

    1. I know it would be her fault if she went to bed hungry, but I wouldn’t have been able to let her do it, I am too much of a softy

    1. Thank you, it was a very long time ago I was a teenager and I am not really looking forward to it, or can hope it doesn,’t get any worse

    1. I would not want to go back to her age it is a hard time, and I do understand that and do try my hardest to make it easy for her, but I just need her to give a bit too, which wont happen

  2. I have a 15 year old daughter. I’ve had this battle many times and it’s only just started to get easier. I make 2 batches of slow cooker soup a week and that’s the alternative if my main meal on an evening is shunned. I make food that is nutritious and using the contents of my weekly veg box, if my daughter turns her nose up because she isn’t willing to try something new there is soup on offer. Mean? maybe but that’s how it works in our home.

    1. Thank you, I am not going to let her start with that one as although I do not mind her eating junk food, she needs to eat proper nutrious meals as well x

  3. Hahahaha. Sorry, nut this dodgy make me laugh. I did this so often, that my mum gave up in the end, and just let me cook my own dinner. I got very good at pasta and tomato sauce!! Lol!!

  4. Well Done for staying so calm, this is like a scene from out house most evenings, there is always one of the children that doesn’t like the meal I have cooked!

    1. The boys were a lot easier, they would eat what was put in front of them, so no idea why my daughter is like it. It does make me feel like going on strike and saying it is toast for dinner

  5. I think you did the right thing totally. My nephew is the same right now, he won’t eat anything other than chicken soup, so the rule is, he can have his chicken soup, after eating whatever has been cooked for him… xx

    1. One year olds are a walk in the park, but you do find the more they start the better you are at handling the situation, and yes they do test you but worth it

    1. It was hard, but I wasn’t giving in, she is a nightmare at times, I was just very matter of fact she either eats it today or I put it in the fridge and she has it tomorrow

  6. Awww! She sounds like a little devil in the making which I think is great! The sassier they are as a child, the more they stand up for what they believe in when their older!

    You’re doing great and you’re so patient! Sounds like she will grow up to be a great young lady and you never know! One day she may make you a roast one day that you don’t want!

    1. She certainly knows her own mind, which I love about her she is not one for following the crowd, I just hope it continues as she grows. I am going to enjoying giving her a taste of her own medicine when she is older x

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