My Week 8/11/15

This week we have had no dramas, no stress just for once a normal week, which is so refreshing.

I have had a very happy Daughter as she was counting down to her birthday which was yesterday.

How my Daughter has just turned 12 is beyond me, the years have gone far too quickly.

She had a great day, starting with texting and messaging me to see if she could get up, usually we don’t see her until much later in the morning.  She loved all her presents was a very happy and lucky girl.

We then went out and had a girls day shopping, Dad stayed at home, we had lunch and shopped and such a good laugh, we haven’t had chance lately to have a girls day out just the two of us for ages, so this was something she has been looking forward too.

We then went out as a family last night for a meal, which was lovely and she had a great night, before heading home so she could chat to her friends.

Was lovely to enjoy her birthday and not be rushing about sorting out party food, party bags etc. Although next Saturday she has friends over for a sleepover.

Having fun shopping and yes she did buy this hat
All shopped out and waiting for the bus home

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29 thoughts on “My Week 8/11/15

  1. Awww, so glad she had agood birthday. Twelve seems so far away to me as I stand right at the starting line with a two year old and an 8 month old but I know it will go by far too quickly.

    1. admin

      It honestly does, a picture of her 2nd birthday came up on my timehop yesterday, and it only seems like a few months ago, I can not believe I have a 12 year old.

  2. Sounds like she had a fantastic birthday and I bet she can’t wait for her sleepover.

    1. admin

      She did have a lovely day thank you, and she is so excited for her sleepover, we did buy a few things for it yesterday while we were out x

  3. Aw I am glad she had a really good birthday. 12 is such an odd age as it isn’t quite Teen but isn’t quite baby either x

    1. admin

      12 is a horrible age and hard to believe I will have a teenager next year, she had a great day yesterday x

  4. What did she get for her birthday? Glad she had a good day and love the hat.

    1. admin

      She got a load of special art pens, clothes, money and a shopping trip plus other art bits. We had great fun looking at the hats they did have gloves to match but we decided the bobble on the end was too much and would be annoying

  5. Oh what lovely photos – I am glad she had a good birthday – love the hat! Kaz x

    1. admin

      My husband was going through old photos on Friday and put this together I love it as well and might get him to print it up for me. She had a great birthday thank you. I love the hat as well, they had a few different styles might get her another one for christmas as she loves hats x

  6. That sounds like a lovely way to spend your birthday, glad you both had fun.

  7. Aww happy birthday to her! Sounds like you had a fantastic girls day together, glad it was an enjoyable week for you all! Stephanie x

    1. admin

      Thank you it was a great day we got to spend some quality time together just the two of us. Hope you had a good week too x

  8. Happy Belated birthday to your daughter!
    Love the hat she bought 🙂

    1. admin

      Thank you, I love the hat as well x

  9. My daughter is 8 on Sunday and I’m taking her on a girlie shop on the Saturday. They start early, don’t they! Glad your daughter had a great birthday.

    1. admin

      I love our little girls days out, we had so much fun, they do start early though but she was so different shopping this time to previously much more grown up x

  10. She a teenager next year! Bet that must seem unreal. I can’t imagine how fast it must have gone. x

    1. admin

      I know I am not ready for a teenager. It is going to be an expensive year next year as well with other celebrations x

  11. What a lovely sounding week, so good to hear your daughter had a good birthday. x

    1. admin

      Thank you, it was nice to have a good week for a change x

  12. Sounds like such a lovely week. Best catch up on sleep all this week if you’ve got a sleepover to deal with next week! xxxxx

    1. admin

      I know, she is so excited so are the girls coming, I am in pain at the moment so not sleeping too good either at the moment x

  13. Doesn’t time fly be so quickly! my eldest is 10 now and it only seem like yesterday he was running about in nappies

    1. admin

      It does go very quickly, I can still remember the newborn days like it was yesterday x

  14. Time does fly by super quick but sounds like you two had a very memorable day.

    1. admin

      We had a lovely time thank you, and yes it really is hard to believe she has reached 12 so quickly x

  15. Glad you had a good week! Wishing your daughter a very happy birthday – they do grow fast!

    1. admin

      Thank you she had a great birthday,and yes they do grow too fast x

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