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Do you look back your timehop and smile at the memories.  Some are photos, some are statuses that you remember well, or spend ages trying to think what it was about. Some are happy and some you want to forget.

Well today’s is one that I can now sit back and laugh about, but at the time it was only funny to my husband who luckily did not capture this moment on camera.

My dog is lovely, and loves his walks but he is a breed that you can not let off lead, because if they see something they will just go. So we walk him on  a very long lead which is tied around us and then we can shorten or lengthen depending on where we are.


It was a lovely Autumn day and my husband had the camera so I was walking Max, we took him to the woods, there we were walking along having a lovely walk, when he spots a squirrel (he loves chasing them and then spends ages trying to figure out how to get up the tree).  This is fine I spotted it and lent back and dug my heals in and he couldn’t go any further.  We carry on and he spots one and I don’t.  It turned out to be something out of a comedy sketch dog on long lead chasing a squirrel, with mad woman be pulled after him, I saw a tree looming and thought I would anchor the lead and he would stop.

What actually happened was I was pulled full force into the tree and face planted it.

My ever so caring husband who luckily did not capture this moment was crying with laughter and did not come to my rescue.  The only good thing was that there was no one else around at this moment.

As you can see he looks very pleased with himself.

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  1. This is hilarious!! Really hope you were okay after crashing into the tree though as that sounds painful!! Good idea to tie the lead around you though, it must be the best way to stop Max!

    1. I can laugh about it now, but at the time my pride was hurt, mainly because my husband was there and couldn’t help as was laughing so much, and I soon forgave Max you can’t be upset with that face for too long x

    1. I wasn’t laughing at the time, it did hurt and my husband didn’t help by laughing, but you can not stay upset with that cheeky face for long x

    1. It was like something out of a comedy sketch, honestly if it is going to happen it will happen to me, I was fine, he is too cute gets away with murder x

    1. Thank you he is my boy, so cheeky he gets away with all sorts, it is lovely being able to go back and recapture our memories x

  2. OH MY GOSH! I could just see this playing out and I couldn’t help by chuckle to myself. I love timehop most of the time especially for the photos x

    1. As you imagine it that is how it happened, it was a huge tree as well, I love timehop and sometimes with the statuses it brings up I sit there with no idea what I was going on about x

    1. You know my pain then, huskies are just as bad as Mals, I am glad I wasn’t caught on camera either or my husband would have plastered it over facebook etc

  3. Omg……love it! Literally lol’ed to this post.
    Dogs chasing squirrels is funny, and can ben au cul in the pro essa mine are just pups, and a lot smaller, so I’m hoping they won’t drag me somewhere ….hahahah

    1. He is very cheeky but he gets away with murder with me. We had him in the studio today with a model for a photoshoot he eventually started behaving x

    1. Don’t feel bad everyone has laughed. It is just his nature I should have been more aware, I am usually pretty good at keeping an eye out for squirrels x

  4. Aw, husbands are charming, aren’t they?! Totally sounds like something mine would do. He’d probably be killing himself in a heap on the floor from laughing too hard as well! 🙂
    I feel your pain. It sounds like something that would happen to me. 🙂

    1. It is lovely looking back, my husband did a collage thing today of pictures of my daughter over the years it is lovely, I want it printed now x

  5. Max is a beautiful looking dog, with a face that is easy to forgive. A husband that doubles over laughing when his wife’s face has just connected with a tree trunk deserves to be given a hard time!


    1. He loves his walks, but is a very strange dog, he is so lazy if you didn’t take him out he would not be bothered and somedays we have to drag him out, but when he goes for a walk the longer you walk him the more energy he has when we get home

  6. Oh no! You were lucky you weren’t terribly badly injured! I have to admit I have had numerous equally ridiculous dog related incidents, much as we love them they don’t make life easy do they??x

  7. Oh naughty Max! That must have hurt!

    One evening a long time ago walking my old dog with my ex-husband, we had let her off the lead and she was having a gentle play with another dog. All of a sudden, play got serious, and they both starting charging around at high speed. I didn’t notice their direction soon enough and had my feet knocked from beneath me resulting in years of physio and chiropractors and hospital visits for a lucky-not-be-broken back! It would have been a worthy win of £250 on You’ve Been Framed I’m sure!

    Stella loves Max’s smile 🙂

    1. Ouch luckily it was more my pride that was hurt, luckily nothing like that has happened yet (touches wood), although it nearly has. The things our dogs put us through x

      And thank you Stella x

    1. I was fine more hurt pride than anything else, he is an Alaskan Malamute which are the biggest of the breed he does have a very cheeky face

  8. Oh dear – am I allowed to laugh?!! Max is gorgeous and maybe you should get him a sled LOL. We have a Husky x German Shepherd but she picked up a bit of a lazy gene somewhere along the way. Having said that, if something does appear chase-able she will go unless I really yell at her. And she has NEVER worked out where squirrels go 😉

    Thank you for adding this time-hop story and Max to #AnimalTales and I hope we’ll see some more of his stories soon.

    1. You are allowed to laugh, there is no way we are getting him a sled as can imagine the stories that would bring and the injuries I would have. I have a picture somewhere of him trying to get up a tree I will have to find it

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