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My Week – a bit early – 15/10/15

I am doing this post a couple of days early, as we are going to be away this weekend.

Tomorrow morning, we are off to Lincoln to the actsma butterfly ball, this is our third year of going and it is such a fantastic weekend away, catching up with friends, and the ball is an amazing night very emotional and fun as well.  It is one of the highights of our year and we would not miss it for the world.

Today, has been busy sorting everything out to take, we are the official photographers this year so you can imagine how much we are taking with us.

This week has been babyloss awareness week, and I wrote my story which you can read here, I have never written it all down before, and it really did help. I wanted to tell my story so that others going through the same thing at this moment, can see that there can be a happy ending and most importantly they are not alone.

I have also been sent some amazing items to review, so am busy with those.

We had traumatic news here that my daughter had lost her mascara, which of course was my fault, so she has been using mine this week.  But all resolved as my Mum took pity on me and brought her a new one today while she was out.

I think today I have been in a guilty mood for going away this weekend, this afternoon I made homemade soup, my daughter was meant to be making some at school in her cookery lesson, but they are now doing that next week, luckily she likes the soup I made, a fresh loaf of bread, flapjacks  and chocolate brownies.  I should have been doing loads of other things as well.

I hope you all have a good weekend and will be back on Monday catching up with everything.



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  1. Enjoy the ball. Make sure you don’t spend all night stuck behind the camera though even if you are the professional photographers. You are also guests so get the odd dance in. Looking forward to seeing the pics!

    1. Thank you I will be helping with the welcome photos and then it will be my husband taking over probably as he gets bored, am sure there will be a post about it next week with a few photos attached x

    1. I did not laugh at the time, I really did not need that so early in the morning. Still no idea where it has gone but at least she has a replacement now x

    1. We had an amazing weekend, it is the highlight of our year and is always such a great weekend away and for a very worthy reason x

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