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How nervous was I?

Last week I wrote a post which you can read here, about my husband and myself starting our own photography business.

I have only really done photo shoots on my family and friends, I have always got scared of taking charge of the camera and lights and actually do a proper photography session.

This all changed on Saturday, I did my very first shoot, I was so nervous, you would not believe.  I am comfortable with the camera and the lights so that was not the problem. I was nervous that they would not like the pictures or I would not be able to engage with them, this last part is total rubbish, as I can talk and get along with most people.

The time arrived and they were here in front of me, we talked about what sort of pictures they wanted, and then just got on with it.  I had a great time, it did help that they were comfortable and got stuck in.

You can check out my shoot here, and if you want to like the page to keep up to date with how I get on in future, then please feel free.


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