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Timehop Memories

Like a lot of you, I have the timehop app on my phone, and everyday I look through and relive the memories from years ago, some happy, some sad and some funny.

This week has been very emotional for a very different reason to last weeks emotional week, and while I looked through at todays it put a real smile on my face.

I thought I would share some of my favourite timehop memories with you, as a little feel good post from me.

This was from about July this year a then and now, just after she got back from the hairdressers after having a fringe cut in.
This was taken during the summer holidays last year, we did a family photoshoot (my husband doing the photography). I thought she looked so grown up, but the difference in a year is amazing she looks young to me in this photo now.
This was taken during a dance show she was in, little miss sweet and innocent here x
While were were on holiday in Lanzarote, she was walking along side me chatting away.
I have always loved this photo, taken one Bank Holiday Monday in August when the weather was actually lovely and hot and sunny x
Also Lanzarote, not long after the previous photo, but she was sulking here x
11986542_10156044752340188_2132354976250541303_n (1)
I posted this one last week, the start of year 6 and the start of year 7, she has grown so much.
Yes she really did ask me this, and I very nearly crashed the car x



I could have posted so many more, and yes as you can tell I adore my daughter, but these and the hundreds of other photos and status updates always make me laugh or put a smile on my face.

Do you feel the same when looking back on photos?


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  1. Awww, old photos are great. I must admit, I giggled at the fire of London question. My five year old niece once said “Auntie, you must be really old. Like 16!” I’ll take that.

    1. I love old photos and looking back, I remember when I was little thinking 16 was old as well though. And I was driving her home with the fire of London question and was shocked little monkey x

  2. The Fire of London!! My brother (then aged 16) asked one of our sisters when I was 29 if I’d had the menopause!

    Fab pics. I don’t know this app but then I’m a tech dinosaur and it’s a wonder I run a blog. My word your daughter is gorgeous. And yes they change so much…at my eldest’s elementary graduation in June there was a slideshow; it was astounding how much the kids’ faces had changed from just the previous September.


    1. It is so funny how children see age and history, although probably not as forgiving at 16. They had a slideshow of all their school pictures and class pictures at her leavers prom in July, they had all changed so much.
      Thank you x

  3. I always feel really sad like I want to grab those moments back when I look back on photos especially my boys baby ones time just goes by so fast – beautiful memories though #WordlessWednesday

    1. Thank you, I feel the same I can not believe she is growing up so fast, it is like I have blinked and she has gone from this cheeky little toddler into this beautiful young woman x

    1. I love looking back at old photos, they always remind you of so many memories, I do still wind her up about it now bless her, but she was deadly serious when she asked x

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