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Today is the day my little girl started Secondary School, the start of a new chapter in her life

I remember her first day in Reception, seems a lifetime ago now.  She was still 4 years old and so excited.  I was tearful and worried all day.  Would she be ok, would she like it, would she manage without me, would she get upset.  As she was one of the older ones in the class she started full time straight away, how was my baby going to cope without me all day.

First day of reception

I did not need to worry, she loved it, had a great time and made some great friends.

Today, I have had similar worries as she starts her new chapter in Secondary School, yes today is her first day in year 7.  She was fine this morning, I was the one with butterflies, we arranged for her to meet up with friends so they could all walk into school together.  I dropped her off today, from Monday she will be getting the bus to and from school, at least no more school runs so that is a bonus :).

Obviously, she has tried her uniform on, but seeing her this morning all dressed and ready to go, it shook me how much she has changed and how much she is growing (too fast for my liking).

I am so proud of her, as she is a little trooper, she takes everything in her stride, she will not be swayed by the crowd and she knows her own mind, she is polite, caring and helpful to others. I know she will flourish in her new school

Exactly one year apart. First day in year 6 and today first day in year 7. She has changed so much

For now, I am going to keep myself busy and watch out for the bus to go past and hear her key in the door.  Yes she now has her own door key.

Update:- She came home on the bus on her own and walked through the door with her own key, huge smile on her face, she had a fantastic day, made some new friends and loved it, apart from finding out she has maths as her first lesson on a Monday morning.  I can now stop worrying (and I found an app where I can track the bus, so knew when she had got on and when it was stopping at our stop).



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    1. Thank you, she is worried more about finding her way around, but told her everyone will be feeling the same, I am the one more worried but that is what us mums do x

    1. I know I can not get over how grown up she has suddenly become. Thank you she is so enthusiastic about her new school, said I would ask her the same questions next Friday x

    2. Thank you, last year I remember thinking she looked grown up, but looking at her two pictures she looked liked a baby still last year. I told her I would be asking her next Friday if she still felt the same.

    1. I am sure they will have a great time and love it, I was so nervous when my daughter started and she started with half a session, I picked her up after her first one, and they said she had been fine and loved it, such a relief x

  1. It goes so fast. I remember people telling me that when I was pregnant but I never really understood it. Ibdo now. My eldest is two next month and I feel like saying “no, go back, I wasn’t paying attention”.

    She looks so different in the year apart pics.

    Is the app Glympse?

    1. It does go fast, it only seems like yesterday she was toddling around, she really is growing up fast and that hit me yesterday. It honestly is like you blink and miss it. I never really took any notice of people saying that either.
      The app is timehop not heard of Glympse x

  2. Wow. Big changes. I remember starting secondary school and I’m so nervous thinking about my boys doing the same. I have a few years yet seeing as my eldest has just gone into
    Year 1. I hope she continues to have a fantastic journey through school

    1. Thank you, she is full of it after her first day which is a good start, and she has made some new friends. It is such a huge step for them as all so very different to what they are used too.

    1. I was very proud of how she coped, I did mess about with her about my baby girl growing up making it all light hearted, but inside I was an emotional wreck.

    1. I know I can’t believe just how much she has grown, you never notice it until you see pictures. I have told her she is never moving out lol x

    1. I know, you don’t really notice the difference until you look back and you suddenly realise how much they have grown up. Timehop is lovely for bringing back memories but also scary at reminding you that your babies are growing up x

    1. It is a huge transition as everything is totally different, but so far she has done amazingly, she just goes along with the flow of it all x

    1. I hope she has a good day tomorrow, and I really sympathise with how you are feeling, I honestly hardly slept the night before and felt sick when I dropped her down to her friends so they could go in together. But she had an amazing day, totally loved it x

  3. I thought my son starting reception was bad. I’m dreading the start of high school. Mainly because I can remember my own first day of high school and how scary it was. I had such fun at high school and some great memories. But them first couple of days were terrifying! I’m glad she’s settling in well!

    1. If I am honest I think I found it harder her starting secondary school to her starting reception. I am so relieved she has settled well and is enjoying it x

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