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If I Could………

I have joined in with the If I Could….. tag, thanks to Helen at Beautiful Things.

So here are my answers to the questions.

If I could live anywhere…..

If I could live anywhere I would love to live in Australia, for all the sunshine and outdoor living, I just feel it is a much healthier lifestyle.

If I could have any home…..

If I could have any home, it would have to be an old barn that we converted ourselves (well with contractors) just to our specifications. It would have a huge family area which would be the hub of the house

If I could have any garden…….

If I could have any garden, it would be one that is minimalistic as I am not a gardener, I like grass and love the colours of flowers, but not keen on the upkeep, so would be huge tubs all around the garden.

If I could be on holiday right now……

If I could be on holiday right now, that is a tough one as there are so many place that I would love to be, obviously Australia, but would settle for a nice relaxing cruise somewhere

If I could have any job…….

If I could have any job, it would be a children’s photographer, my husband has been very slowly and very patiently teaching me about photography, and I can take some pretty good pictures now using the camera, useless still if using my phone though. Β But that would be a dream of mine especially babies and toddlers and you get so much from them

If I could have any talent…..

If I could have any talent, it would be to be able to sing in tune, I love singing, but my family don’t, so to save their ears I would love to be able to sing.

If I could live any day again……

Does it have to be one day, my wedding day when I married my soul mate, was the best day ever, also the day I finally became a mum x

If I could have any superpower…..

If I could have any superpower, it would be to be invisible, just think how much fun you could have

That is the end of the questions and my turn to tag in:-

Carla atΒ Random Thoughts of a Twentysomething

Anni at Tales of an M.E. Mummy

Polly at Our Seaside Baby

Look forward to reading your replies x




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    1. I loved being involved in this tag, as it really makes you think and remember good times or dreams, I loved my wedding day x

  1. I love the idea of converting an old barn but to be honest I’d get too anxious about all the spiders that normally live in the dark corners!!!!

    1. Just think of all the money you would make if you could invent grass that stayed at one length. I do not like gardening, but when I lived in a flat I really missed not having a garden x

    1. Thank you I love taking part in the tag posts as feel the same as you do. I just can not understand the enjoyment in gardening x

    1. I love the tag posts, as you get to find out little bits and pieces about others that you may never know. I can not write music I can not even read music πŸ™ x

    1. I hope it takes off, I am very lucky that my husband is a photographer so can help and teach me and that we have the equipment and our own studio, I just need a bit more practice and confidence to get out there and do it now x

    1. I have farms behind and across the road from where I live just have a busy main road in between, I would love to live without the busy road x

  2. I really want to do this tag!!! I would have chosen some of the same things like you such as Australia being somewhere to live. I dream of living there when I become a qualified Veterinary Nurse.

    1. I love the tag posts as it makes you think about your own answers, but love reading everyone elses replies. We just love the whole idea of the lifestyle x

  3. This has really started me thinking, like a lot of other people I would love to relive my wedding day. So many of the people who were important in our lives are no longer with us. It would be wonderful to have one more day with them all.

    1. I know these posts really make you think, and that is one of the reasons I would like to relive our wedding day it was a tough decision as I also would love to relive the day I finally became a Mum x

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