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What is your worst job?

What is your worst job?

As I sat here this morning, thinking of all the jobs I have to do today, it got me thinking.

We all know housework, is boring but it needs doing and we just get on with it, but what is your worst jobs around the house.  Here are a few of mine


Every week, I go to the supermarket with my list (in my head) of what I need to buy, and how many meals I need to buy for.  I just wish it was that simple, you then have to think if I do this, then so and so wont eat it, or I fancy something different but will they moan.  So, I usually end up buying the same old things, but trying to add something a little bit different to it.

And then, you get it home and have to unpack it all and find room in your cupboards, fridge and freezer.  That has to be one of the worst jobs.


I just can not stand ironing, to me it is one of the most boring jobs in the world.  I do try to make myself do my ironing daily, and then it does not build up. Because if I see a huge pile of ironing I go into denial, just add to the pile and walk away and then iron the bits we need as we go, until I have to come out of my denial and just get on with it.  Where I then put something on the TV and get on with it, moaning all the way.

And then, the putting it all away, that is just as bad as standing there doing all the ironing.


I don’t mind washing, I mean, it is hardly difficult to put a load of washing in a washing machine and press a button, I don’t mind hanging the washing out, as to me on a lovely sunny day, there is nothing nicer than looking at clean washing on the line drying, and the smell when you bring it in.

I do not like, bringing the washing in off the line, then to fold it all and put it into piles of who the washing belongs to, and the ironing pile.  Then putting it all in the correct place.

Changing the beds

I am fine stripping the beds, but it is the making of them, I know it is one of those jobs that really doesn’t take too long, but I just hate making beds.

I do, however, love getting into a nice freshly made bed, so it is worth it.


After preparing a meal, you clean the kitchen over and you walk away coffee in hand, with everything nice and clean. Only to walk back in there later on, and someone has also being making something to eat or drink, and it is filthy, and think why did I bother

These are just a few of my least favourite jobs around the house, I could go on and probably list all the jobs.

What are your least favourite jobs


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  1. Laundy. It never ends. As soon as one load is put away there’s another lot to fold. It doesn’t help that I won’t let my hubby put the children’s clothes away because I have a system and he messes it up (I am so sad, I even have colour coded hangers!)

    1. I don’t mind the laundy, I just don’t like the ironing that to me is one job I will put off until I have no choice. At the moment my worst job is sorting my daughters room, she is going away next week and we are going to decorate it, but her dad has stated he is not setting foot in her room until it is sorted, we are on day 2 today

    1. I hate ironing, I have a huge pile to do, I hate ironing shirts the most and that is what my daughter wears daily now :(. My list is the same as yours, I am not a born housewife but luckily my husband is understanding x

    1. I hate ironing too, I think I will get my ironing done today, but then it gets such a huge pile I give in and do it, and promise myself not to let it build up, I can not stand gardening either that is torture to me x

    1. I go shopping and nine times out of ten get no inspiration or know someone will moan, I hate changing the beds but love clean sheets x

  2. LAUNDRY. Said with a shudder. There is a constant pile in my kitchen that is the same size as my kids, I just do not have the time, energy or interest in putting it away every day, so it sits, folded and clean, in the basket for a day or two until I can bring myself to do it haha!

    1. I am the same, I have a huge pile waiting to go away as well, I keep hoping the fairy will appear and do it for me x

    1. I don’t mind emptying the washing machine I get satisfaction seeing my clothes on the line drying, washing up is not one of my favourites either x

  3. Hmm, this is a tough one for me. I don’t mind shopping because we usually go out to eat on the same nights. I think cleaning and organizing the kitchen after big meals is probably the worst for me.

    1. Cleaning the kitchen doesn’t really bother me as I like my kitchen to be clean and get satisfaction when it is x

    1. I can imagine what your washing up must be like developing recipes, I bet your husband is more than happy to help if he gets to taste the finished results x

    1. Same here, I have been saying all week I need to do my ironing, it is still sitting there and the pile is getting bigger x

  4. Ironing is a true hate of mine. I hardly ever iron anything these days but on the rare occasion that I have to make something perfect, it really puts me into a crappy mood.

  5. Your list could be my list! I feel exactly the same. Although, I think added to mine would be mopping the floors… I hate it! Especially as someone will normally walk over them before they’re dry, they take so long to do and I just genuinely think I have better things to do with my time haha! (We only have floors you can mop throughout the whole house… It’s SO annoying!)

    1. Great minds think alike 🙂
      Mopping floors doesn’t stress me out anymore having 2 dogs one of them will always walk on them anyway x

  6. Cleaning the oven. I have arthritis in my knee and struggle to get down and scrub with gusto! It so needs doing now but i just try to ignore it lol

  7. My worst job is putting the clothes away, I actually enjoy ironing and find it quite relaxing (I seem to be in the minority on this thread!) but finding space to put all the clothes is a job I detest.

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