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Motherhood, from the minute you find out you are pregnant, you start to worry about your unborn baby. As your bump gets bigger and bigger until, if like me you are the size of a blue whale, you worry about every twinge, movements etc, the list goes on.  You go for scans and check ups, and you worry.

Then the panic sets in, that soon you will give birth to this baby growing inside you.   You then have the worry of hearing your baby cry for the first time, are they ok, are they going to feed ok.  This is also over powered by that unconditional love you have, a parent can never explain how that love feels.  It is a love you never thought possible.

I loved becoming a mummy, I could sit and watch my baby sleeping for hours.  Yes, you get the sleepless nights and in the early days all you seem to do is watch your baby sleeping, or you are feeding and changing them.  Then comes the little gurgles and smiles and baby chatter. Believe me these are the days to cherish because all too quickly they grow into toddlers.

You know the toddler stage has arrived, when you start to get the answering back, ask them to do something you get no, they are not naughty as such but they need to learn about what is right and what is wrong.  You worry about all the dangers around the home, you look at strangers in different ways.  Are they going to communicate and interact with other children.  You could have a long list of worries and still add to it.

You then get that first day of school.  You are teary thinking, How can my baby be going to school already? Will they be ok without me all day? Will I be ok without my baby all day?

The truth is , no matter how hard it is for you as a mum, your little one needs to have a bit of time away from you. They need to interact with other children their own age, and they need to learn new things.  While you sit there counting down the hours and minutes that you get them home again, and chat about their day and everything they have done.

You, then watch them grow, each year, they get bigger, they learn more, they get cheekier, they grow into this little person who you still look at the same way as you did the day they were born. Except they are not babies anymore they are young people.

This is where I am now, my daughter has hit 12, and is not a baby anymore (although she will always be my baby). We have moved to the next stage of having a bit of freedom, although it was short-lived, due to her illness, but we will get back to normality, hopefully, one day, where my stress and worry about how she is feeling and coping with the pain, will transfer to I hope she is safe, where she should be.

No wonder us mums get so stressed, but would we change it, I know I would not.

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  1. It is definitely a long, drawn out roller coaster of emotions where children are concerned, with ups and downs, and surprises around every corner.
    You got me thinking about their first days at schools and you make such a good point about it being hard to let them go, but that they need the separation and independence to allow them to grow and develop as individuals. I used to work in a nursery and regularly saw Mums in floods of tears, long after the children had stopped.
    You are just starting the next chapter of discovery, full of new challenges, but, having coped so far, I’m positive you will find the right way to cope with them all wonderfully 🙂
    Sarah (Babyfriend) xxx

  2. Although not a mother I can only imagine the attachment and the struggle of letting them go and the emotions you go through. Hopefully one day I’ll experience that x

    1. Being a mother is such an emotional journey, letting them go is very hard, I still worry about my elder stepsons x

  3. My little girl is now 16, waiting for GCSE results and has her first little job. It’s crazy how fast time goes and how they grow. 12 yrs was actually the most difficult age for us, but we got through it.

    1. Good luck wth the results, normally I would be agreeing with you at this age being difficult, but with her illness she hasn’t the energy to be the pre-teen stroppy child x

  4. It does go so quick. My little one is 2 and a half now and a talking little monster. I love it though. Iw is I could keep him like this but know he’s just going to get older and more and more independent which will make be proud but sad at the same time. Damn these kids! lol

    1. Although hard work, 2 and a half is such a great age, I used to look at older children when my Daughter was little and think I don’t want her to grow up. I blinked and here we are heading towards being a teenager.

    1. That is very true, you just get used to one and then another stage hits you, it is a very stressful job, but one of the most rewarding x

    1. Aww I loved my bump and missed it when it went, I was so very lucky with my Daughter that she did sleep ok, obviously not through the night but I seemed to just get on with it and found it not too bad, not saying I loved it though and I did not suffer with tiredness but you somehow cope.

  5. You’re right that your child needs a little time away from you (as hard as it is). My son has just started nursery and I’m already seeing so much change in him. He’s developing so quickly because he’s around other children.

    1. I hated my Daughter starting nursery, it killed me, but she loved it, and they do need it and you do get used to it eventually x

  6. I am not a mother, but will hopefully be one day, and my fear is that I will not get attached to my children. I’m a very detached person as it is, and I just fear I will never find this exact feeling… Only time will tell!

    1. I am lucky, I have a very strong motherly instinct and just want to mother everyone, I do know for some it is not that easy but it does come x

  7. I am not a mum but I can definitely relate, my sister is ten years younger than be so its crazy how quickly time as gone by! x

  8. Not a Mum but I am so grateful to read your wonderful narration in motherhood. Every mother truly deserves an enough appreciation with their hardwork. Smiles from your littles ones might be one of the best rewards.

    1. One of the best things to being a parent, is even if they have been a nightmare during the day, when you watch them sleeping, and see their little faces so happy and content, that makes it all worth while x

    1. Thank you and am sure when the time comes you will be a great mum. I had a rough time getting there and it is the most rewarding thing I have ever done, I am such a mother hen anyway and the great times more than outweigh the bad x

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