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A New Beginning

As my regular readers will already know, myself and my Husband launched our new business last week. And I am very proud to introduce you to Surrey Studio. So here is to A New Beginning… View Post

What a difference

We are now into our second full week of secondary school. And what a difference I have noticed in my daughter already. C has coped really well with finding her way around a new school.… View Post

Timehop Memories

Like a lot of you, I have the timehop app on my phone, and everyday I look through and relive the memories from years ago, some happy, some sad and some funny. This week has… View Post

If I Could………

I have joined in with the If I Could….. tag, thanks to Helen at Beautiful Things. So here are my answers to the questions. If I Could… Live anywhere….. If I could live anywhere I… View Post

Dear Daughter

This past year, we have really seen herself and her friends change.  They are growing up they have hormones running havoc and this makes for some very emotional times. Primary School She started her last… View Post

Silly Accidents

Our children all have little accidents. Where they fall and graze their knee or bang something as they run around playing. But has your child ever had a really silly accident, that has resulted in something… View Post

How many do you say a day?

I saw this earlier and it made me realise just how many of us Mums say the same things day in and day out. My daughter is older now, so some of these I no… View Post

Being a Stepmum

When I met my now husband, I did not have children, we had both been in long-term relationships, and he had two boys.  One of the first things he said to me not long after… View Post

Ally Cadence Trust for Spinal Muscular Astrophy (ACTSMA)

I support a few charities, but this is a personal one for me and with August being the SMA Awareness Month, I wanted to share the Ally Cadence Trust for Spinal Muscular Astrophy or ACTSMA for… View Post


It seems to be the current trend for girls this year is dip dyeing their hair. My daughter, like many others is desperate for this in her hair as well, but I just can not… View Post