Goodbye November – Hello December

I know we are a week into December already. How quickly is time going, so here is my last monthly update of 2018.

Starting With C

As always I will start with C. I think this has been one of the worst months for her so far.  We are now 4 years into her illness and she is getting no better.  We have spent so much time in hospital for 7 hours at a time. And then being sent home with no help. I have spent the month feeling like I am the worst Mum in the world. As I just can not do anything to help her. It was so much easier when she was little and I could give her some Calpol and a cuddle and make it all better.

She is experiencing the worst head pains imaginable. Nothing I can give her helps, she was due to see a Neurologist in January. Thankfully my prayers, pleading conversations and tears have been answered and her appointment has been brought forward to December.  I am not sure if they can do anything at the initial appointment but at least it will be a start.

Not So Happy Birthday Celebrations

C celebrated her 15th birthday in November. She wanted to go shopping with us to choose some clothes. Sadly she was in her wheelchair and 10 minutes into shopping her head was too bad. So we ony brought her a few bits.  We also booked to go out for a meal on her birthday with my parents, sadly we ended up with a takeaway at home.  For the first year ever I did not make her a birthday cake, but received one from bakerdays 

I have been a Nanny for a year

This time last year, I announced that we had become Grandparents to our beautiful Granddaughter, she has now turned 1.  We went to see her on her birthday laden with presents and chocolate, because that is what Grandparents do :), although I ended up covered in chocolate and my glasses had chocolate smeared all over them, as she found a great new game of pulling Nannys glasses off her face.

She has brought us so much joy this past year, always happy and laughing, I have some amazing face time chats with her, when we do not see her.  She adores my husband and if he is not paying her any attention she looks at him and shouts Grandad.  I can honestly say I love being a Grandparent, and C adores her they have such a bond.

I have been very busy getting ready for Christmas, although  think I am quite organised this year, although I have not year wrapped one present.  In case you need any inspiration have a look at my gift guides full of great gift ideas

And in case you still need more inspiration, I am working on another gift guide with gift ideas for everyone, so keep checking back.

How are you getting on with your Christmas preparations?


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